Friday, June 27, 2008

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

It's been a long time since I've been moved to comment on a bit of celebrity gossip. I think we all overdosed a long time ago on anything having to do with Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson, Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo, Angelina's soon-to-be-delivered twins, and Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's new romance. I'm lovin' precious few peeps in Hollywood right about now.

But I read something last night that made me truly sad: it's pretty much been confirmed that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting divorced. Rumors about their marriage's impending demise have been floating around for over a year... and several times they've gone as far as to make public statements that everything was just fine.

This time, however, The Times reported that Madonna is contracting the same divorce attorney hired by not only Paul McCartney, but also Prince Charles. And apparently, if The Times reports this news, it's more believable than, say, Star magazine.

Last week I read that Madonna didn't want to announce any split until her tour is over with at the end of November. So it will be interesting to see if we go that long without "official" confirmation. I'm also very curious about the fact that the couple supposedly did not have a prenuptial agreement. Madonna obviously has more to lose (her net worth is estimated at nearly $600 million), but I just can't see Guy Ritchie fighting to get some huge chunk of that. It seems kind of... unmanly or something.

Anyway, I'm still holding out hope that this news proves false, because I hate the fact that they have three kids who will have to deal with everything the media's saying about their parents for a long, long time. And on a more selfish note, I think I will be really creeped out if Madonna starts dating again. I thought she and Guy seemed like a good match, and I just cringe at the thought of pictures of her with some new (most likely even younger... as Guy was already a decade her junior) dude. She turns fifty next year... I don't want to see a mid-life-crisising Madonna!

- e


Anonymous said...

It sure seems like this was a relationship that was going to last. I'll line up in the false rumor camp for now.

The Other E

Ernie said...

Rumors have Madonna and Alex Rodriguez of the NY Yankees together

LilyLa said...

E - now that Lost is over, I am taking the time to read your other blogs... anyway, I would love to know what you thought of Madonna dating that "Jesus" due who was (is?) way younger than her!