Friday, August 01, 2008

No Lollapalooza for Me

I am a little bit sad this morning because I was considering buying a one-day Lollapalooza ticket in order to see Radiohead perform tonight. I was holding off because the weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms. As I should have known because the weatherman is NEVER RIGHT (best job/biggest scam in the world...), it has turned out to be a completely beautiful Friday and the chance of rain is at less than 5%. And now the one-day passes are sold out. Curse you, weatherman!!!

To be honest, though, I'm not that down about not being able to stand in the midst of tens of thousands of people who have been sweating and drinking in the ninety-degree heat all day, especially since it DID storm yesterday and the grass at Grant Park is probably all muddy. I'm not a fan of unassigned seating or the threat of being trampled, what can I say? Because I am also not trusting of my fellow man, I would've probably ended up a mile back from the stage and would've just been stewing throughout the concert and bitter at all the young drunk poseur kids around me. Here is my estimate (red X) of where I would've been standing:

Mind you, that is just ONE of the stages at the festival. But anyway, now that I've really thought this through, I feel better about missing out. I'm going to put that $80 to much better use... like stocking up on Magic Shell or something.

My husband IS attending all three days of Lollapalooza, however, and I'm sure he will make a point of telling me how good Radiohead was and then I will get depressed all over again. At least I saw them two years ago (for you Lost fans who weren't reading this site back then, there is actually a show reference, albeit a weak one, in that old post).

I was also considering getting a one-day pass for Sunday, so as to see Kanye West again, from a better vantage point. I can justify spending that $80 even less than I could justify it for Radiohead, however, so I'm sure I'll remain at home.

But I will say that for those of you who may be going, you will have a tough choice between Nine Inch Nails and Kanye (if you like both of them, that is). I say this because I don't even like Nine Inch Nails (seriously, all of their "songs" sound EXACTLY THE SAME and they give me nightmares!), but if they have the same light show effects as they did a few days ago at a show in Seattle, it would be hard for me to not want to check them out (they play at the same time as Kanye but on a different stage--they've set it up so you can't see or hear the other stages).

The cool part of the light show starts at about the 25-30 second mark... you only need to watch it after that for like 25 seconds to get the idea. Then I just jumped around throughout the rest of the video to get a taste of the other effects--I must say, it's pretty sweet and unlike anything I've seen at a concert before.

But really, though, their music just sounds like noise to me. Yes, I'm old.

For those of you going, stay safe and drink lots of water! If my husband takes any good pictures, I will post them in the days ahead. For now, though, I'm just going to listen to Radiohead on my iPod in my air-conditioned condo, close my eyes and pretend that I'm seeing them live on stage.

- e

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Wino Wildcat said...


Just wanted to send you a comment to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I'm a new reader who found your blog through DarkUFO and LongLiveLocke. This should now go without saying, but I am a HUGE Lost fan and love your updates. I'm also from Chicago, so many of your posts are fun because they hit home and often coordinate with things I'm doing (Jimmy Buffett, Coldplay, NOT going to Lolla this weekend!). Anyway, just wanted to say I'm a fan and keep the fun posts coming!

Chicago, IL