Friday, April 15, 2011

You Talkin' to Me?

Today I was making my way out of a drugstore when a disembodied voice started speaking to me. My first thought was, "The day has finally come -- I've lost my mind. I'm hearing voices!"

But then I realized that it wasn't a spooky voice, or an argumentative voice, or a scary voice ordering me around -- it was a really peppy, upbeat voice belonging to someone who was clearly trying to get my attention. Yet no one was there.

I stopped and looked around. It was this freakin' thing:

Are you serious? Do we really need products shouting at us as we walk by? Yes -- this thing had a motion sensor built into it and piped up right as I passed its display. Not only did it cause me to question my sanity, but it also took about two years off of my life because it was so startling. It was like, "HEEEEYYYY!!!! Want great hair?!?! Who doesn't, right? Check out the new Nice 'n Easy...." whatever, whatever.

BOO TO THESE THINGS! They're right up there with the new "moving billboards" I've seen appearing more and more frequently on the sides of Chicago's buses. Gee, those certainly won't cause any traffic accidents.

Where will it end?

- e

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