Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny Turns Ugly

The event I went to last night with the author of The Time Traveler's Wife was great, but it's going to take me a little while to write up.

So in the meantime, I need to vent about something that's been bothering me. It is the fact that Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey are really annoying, but worse than that, they have both turned totally fugly in the past few months.

What is up with Jim's hair? Does he actually think he looks attractive? Or is he trying to be all deep and somehow prove (by sporting a hideous 'do) that he doesn't care about appearances? Is he perhaps trying to start a trend? I don't think so, because he's been growing his hair longer and longer for months now. We GET IT Jim, you are a carefree dude - but guess what, when you looked better in Ace Ventura, that's a bad sign.

As far as she goes... I never thought she was a stand-out in the first place, but something has turned very much the wrong way for her lately. It's harder to put my finger on with her - perhaps her shorter hair doesn't suit her face... perhaps she's had plastic surgery but it's not quite obvious - I just don't know what it is, but I don't like it. And when I see pictures of them together, it drives me batty. It's like they are trying to scream out to the world, "We're so in love, that we both don't care that we've driven each other to look like crap!"

When they first started dating (I think over 1.5 years ago now), I thought they wouldn't last for more than a few weeks. So perhaps they really do dig each other. I hope they are happy, I have nothing against either of them other than their current looks. I just don't like it when people seem to be going out of their way to look ridiculous (witness the below).

- e

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's never been attractive, but she used to be better. Maybe it's that her hair is so perfectly in place and her lipstick is so red.... it looks fake.

I'd like to see them hanging out and if they are funny together... hmmm... YOUTUBE anyone?