Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chuck Bass Sighting in "Son of Rambow"

As you all know, I watch a lot of movies. Even more so now that I'm writing for redbox. So I feel qualified to say that it's very rare to find a movie that is truly unique. A new premise, an unpredictable storyline and an unknown cast all adding up to a wonderful film is simply not something that happens very often. But it happened with Son of Rambow.

This movie was only out in limited release in the U.S. (it's a British film), but I had heard good things about it from a few friends, so we rented it and watched it last night. While I don't think everyone will enjoy it as much as my husband and I did, I would bet that the vast majority of people would at least find it worthy of the hour and forty minutes it takes to watch.

It's the story of two young boys in England who are trying to make a movie for "Screen Test" -- some young filmmaker's competition. As you can guess (and will see from the trailer below), they decide to make "The Son of Rambow" (misspelling probably unintentional on their part).

The movie is set in the 80s and goes beyond the boys' filming exploits to cover family relationships and the meaning of true friendship in a not-overly-forced way. And I was happy to discover that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) from Gossip Girl is in it, and using his native British accent! And he even still wears funky Chuck Bass outfits! Hooray!

If this trailer floats your boat, then you will really like the rest of the movie. It's not as fast-paced as it could've been, but it was great nonetheless.

Convinced yet?

- e

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