Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moving on.

Please, someone, love us again!
Years after the break-up of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage, they have each finally moved on. But I dare say neither of them are too happy with their new situations.

Yes, while the news just broke that "Kate" Holmes and Tom have finally announced their wedding date and will hold the ceremony in Italy, the buzz around their union faded a long time ago when everyone got completely and utterly sick of Tom's crazy antics. Even the debut of Suri was deemed to be a publicity stunt, and they held off on revealing her picture until they could get a higher bid than Angelina and Brad got for Shiloh's first magazine spread (and they still failed to do that!).

Then you've got Nicole. I said before that Keith Urban was a sketchy, girly-looking man, and what does he do but Damn you, you hillbilly!land himself back in rehab shortly (only 4 months!) after getting hitched. Hello, YOU ARE STUPID. You are never going to get anyone better than Nicole Kidman - have you looked in the mirror!?!?! And you choose to do the one thing she has stated that she would leave you over? Despite her current pledges to "stand by her man," sources say that she was shocked that he fell off the wagon and didn't see it coming.

Nicole has taken comfort in having long talks with her father , a psychologist, about her latest drama. Hopefully he will convince her to LEAVE THIS LOSER! Yes, I know I'm being harsh, but seriously, if he is not going to straighten up for her, he's not going to ever straighten up.

Wanna take bets on whose marriage lasts the longest? I think Katie and Tom's will, because Katie's getting paid to stay with him!

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Jill said...

Do you think Katie's Ohio-native family is pissed that TomKat has (allegedly) scheduled their Italian wedding on the same day as the biggest college football match-up this year (OSU v UM)?? They can't even sneak peeks at ESPN between the ceremony and reception since they'll be in Italy! Tom is not working very hard to win over family members...