Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Powers That Be at Hershey's,

PLEASE do not discontinue the "limited edition" cherry cordial Hershey's Kiss! It is THE BEST!!!! Listen to one of your best customers, dammit!

Your Big Fan, e

To the rest of you... have you tried this new Hershey's Kiss? I wouldn't have known about it except for the fact that the place where I get my hair cut had a huge bowl of them in the waiting room (which I stole half of) when I visited a few days ago. These things are awesome, you must find them and try one before they're off the market! But Hershey's would be stupid to pull them after the holidays, since they are sooooo good. Obviously, however, The Man is not always logical (or else my beloved pumpkin cream cheese at Einstein's would be available year-round--don't get me started).

While looking for a picture of this chocolate masterpiece, I ran across the site of this girl who collects all of the different kinds of Hershey's Kisses there have ever been. Who knew there were so many?!?! And how can she actually have the willpower to not eat her collection? She better hope I'm never in her 'hood...

As a totally random side note (but kind of related)--have any of you ever been to HERSHEYPARK in Pennsylvania (they write it that annoying way as all one word, don't blame me)? I went there and was almost driven mad by the smell of chocolate wafting around the grounds. I went there waaaaay back in the day, but after clicking around their site it looks like they've now got some decent rides. Perhaps going there at such a young age did something to my brain and that's why I am addicted to all things chocolate.

Do tell if you have recently been there!

- e


Anonymous said...

If you like chocolate and MUST try the chocolate mint truffle kiss! It's amazing!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hmmm, I will have to try the mint one. I am very picky about mints. I hate "Thin Mints" from the Girl Scouts, but I love Peppermint Patties. I don't like hard mints but I like the softer ones some restaurants have. The one you mentioned sounds like I might like it!

- e

Wanders said...

Our fam discovered Hershey Park this year and went twice. We had a blast. My kids loved the coasters... they're very good. We preferred it to any Paramount park we've been to. And yes, it still smells good.

We've also visited the free "Chocolate World" outside the park a couple of times during the winter when the crowds are down, and the last time we went, they grabbed my wife and daughter to do taste testing on chocolate bars. They loved that!

This summer the water park was very crowded. It was a great water park, with a few exceptions for how they managed lines and crowds, but it was the water park's first year so it was heavily promoted. The upside was that the rest of the park wasn't as busy since crowds were in the waterpark. Our timid seven year old wanted to go on the intensely-rated river rapids ride. I thought for sure she'd lose it when we went through three or four waterfalls, but she LOVED that. Don't get me started on Hershey Park. It is a couple of hours away for us, so we don't have to consider effort to travel. But I certainly recommend it above the other parks in this area.

Wanders said...

And I also love the mint truffle kiss.

Erika (aka "e") said...

Wanders -

It seems we have another thing in common, our love of amusement parks. I've had some theme park-related posts in the back of my mind for a while now, so perhaps I should actually write a few to compare more notes with you.

But it's funny you mentioned the water ride because those are my absolute least-favorite rides, and when I was your daughter's age I went on a very similar rapids/waterfall ride at Busch Gardens and STILL have horrible flashbacks because of it--I seriously thought I was going to drown! Your daughter is a lot tougher than I was/am!

Looks like I may have to get to Hershey, PA again one of these days. You are lucky that it's so close! Six Flags by us is pretty decent, but since I don't have a car it's not totally easy to get to.

- e