Thursday, December 06, 2007

What To Do?

Yesterday, I noticed a message that The Powers That Be at Blogger had posted after the log-in screen. It was about a blog that has been made into a book--all about To-Do Lists. There is even a "trailer" for the book (this is the newest form of book promotion, if you didn't know...).

I immediately checked out the site as I, too, am a To-Do List fanatic. What is it that's so appealing about writing down a long list of things that you know you're going to (or have to) do no matter what anyway? Is it an attempt to be more organized? (Not if you're like me and jot down lists over and over and over again on all different sorts of sticky notes, paper scraps, notebooks or the back of your hand!) Is it to feel good about crossing things off the list--does that simple action heighten the sense of accomplishment in some way? Is it to seem busier or more important than we actually are? Is it because we're Type A? Is it a form of brainstorming? Is it an obsession?

Who knows. But I found the site (and therefore the book) fascinating. The author basically asked people to send in their to-do lists, and she's been collecting them for years. You should see some of the things she's got (keep scrolling down on the home page)! My personal favorite is the list of "Possible Screen Names." I would totally get along with that nerd.

OK, I can check "Write According-to-e post" off of my list now!

- e

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