Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Trailer Bonanza

As mentioned in yesterday's post, there were a zillion trailers before The Golden Compass, and the vast majority of them were decent enough to keep me entertained. Nothing was as exciting as the Lost Season Four clip, of course, but still.

First up was 21, which is based on the book Bringing Down the House, which is in turn based on a true story. I will definitely go see this movie because it has that guy I'm in love with from Across the Universe as the lead. Plus I like Vegas. And Kevin Spacey. And Laurence Fishburne. And that kid who was Shia LaBeouf's friend in Disturbia. And all of that will make up for the fact that Kate Bosworth is unfortunately also in it.

Next there was a behind-the-scenes-ish spot on Leatherheads, starring George Clooney, Renée Zellweger and John Krasinski (Jim from The Office). It would take a lot for me to go see a movie with Renée in it that isn't something related to Bridget Jones, but truth be told, I was hoping this movie would be really good because John/Jim seems like a cool guy in real life and I hope he becomes a major movie star one day. But alas, it's probably not going to happen because of this movie. The dialogue was annoying and since it's about football, that's a double-negative-whammy for me. I will not be spending $10.50 on it in the future.

I will be dishing out that much for Speed Racer, though. Some of you (are you listening, Wanders?) will be very happy to see that this movie based on the cartoon series looks pretty awesome, in my opinion. However, there are a lot of major haters out there on the message boards who think that Wachowski brothers (the same guys behind The Matrix trilogy) screwed this movie up big-time. Take a look and judge for yourself, but know that the trailer below does NOT do justice for how it looks on the big screen. Regardless of your first impressions, you must admit it's a unique style of movie for which I can't quickly think of a comparison. Plus, the Mad Doctor is the villain (he's at the very, very end.)

The final five (yes, there were five MORE) trailers were for The Spiderwick Chronicles; Horton Hears a Who; Definitely, Maybe; Sex and The City (the same one I posted last week); and Inkheart. I will be seeing SATC no matter what, but I'm not sure about the others. The Spiderwick Chronicles is based on a children's book series which I have read (just last year... are you seeing a pattern with me reading kids' books?), and while I liked the books, they are truly for the youngsters, and therefore the movie version also looked a little too childish, even for me! Horton Hears a Who seemed interesting and there are some big voices behind it (Jim Carrey, Steve Carell), but I think I'll wait until reviews come out, because it didn't blow me away. Definitely, Maybe is something I will definitely, maybe go see. The plot is pretty unique--see for yourself (but for all you guys out there, you have been forewarned that it's pretty mushy, especially near the end):

As for Inkheart... well... the dude who thought up that awful movie title needs to be fired. It's about these peeps who can bring stories to life, but then this one bad guy won't go back into the book. Cool concept, but I would be too embarrassed to say I saw a movie named "Inkheart." Plus, I am not a fan of Brendan Fraser--The Mummy was one of the worst movies I've ever seen (even though The Revenge of The Mummy RIDE at Universal Studios in Orlando is one of the best rides of ALL TIME, so it wasn't a total loss).

This coming weekend I am going to try to see I Am Legend, which I have very high hopes for. I'm going for the cool dog, but I don't mind Will Smith, either.

Supposedly there's almost no talking in it. Not even rapping! You would assume he'd get so bored being the only man left on the planet that he would at least bust out 'Gettin' Jiggy Wit It' or something? Maybe that would actually be depressing, now that I think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I randomly picked up the book Bringing Down the House a year or so ago. IT WAS AWESOME! When I heard they were making amovie out of it, I was stoked! But, the one thing I find super disappointing was that one of the mains "plot lines" of the book was that the main charcter was asian...then they cast a caucasion in the lead role! Oh, well, I'll still go see the movie, just thought that was lame!