Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Double Pain! John Mayer and Cameron Diaz are dating?!?!

I cannot decide what is worse: when a celebrity I really like starts dating an idiot, or when two celebrities I can't stand start dating each other. What do you think?

When it's a celebrity I like, I think to myself, "Noooo, you seem so normal! Don't go out with XYZ, he/she will ruin you! Can't you tell that he/she is using you!!?! That is why you need to come to Chicago and be friends with normal ol' ME, and I will steer you in the right direction and be your business manager! LISTEN TO ME!"

When it's two celebrities I can't stand, I don't necessarily care, it's just that the annoyingness of seeing them together on every magazine and in pictures everywhere seems many times worse than seeing them covered separately. John Mayer and Jessica Simpson was nearly the end of me... and I admit, that was still worse than John Mayer and Cameron Diaz, who are supposedly now dating. Back in the "There's Something About Mary" days, I really liked her. Even as recently as "In Her Shoes" I have enjoyed her movies. But after reading about how psychotic she went on Justin Timberlake (or as his good friends like me call him, "JT") after they broke up, I changed my mind. The fact that she even came within 20 feet of Criss Angel, much less DATED him, sealed my judgment of her. That dude is nas-tay!!! Wash and comb your hair, brotha!

But back to John Mayer and Cameron Diaz... if they actually ARE dating, I will make a prediction that I think it will last a while. He seems like he needs low maintenance tomboy-ish girlfriends, and she fits the bill from everything I've read. However, I really, really, REALLY hope some other celebrity couple emerges over the remainder of the summer to eclipse these two, because I do NOT want my Us Weekly pages filled with the likes of them!

Because, as you already know, John Mayer is poop!

- e

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maikib said...

You crack me up. i hate JM too... did you read the Rolling Stone interview? that guy is so full of himself... but i didn't like him way before that-- i saw him in a free concert (because, seriously, why would you pay for that ego?) in bryant park in nyc, and he was TERRIBLE clearly the studio mixing is doing him some extreme good. he could not sing AT ALL. and he was so into his guitar that i couldn't help but think that they should get a room.

but, i do still like cameron... i think the whole JT thing got blown out of proportion... but you've got me in the cris angel thing. GROSS.