Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The State of the Fall TV Season - Part Two

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

If the writers are on strike in Hollywood, but no one is watching TV because most shows are poop, does it matter? (answer: only if it affects Lost come February)

Let's continue with our review of the dismal Fall TV Season...


After reading an article in TV Guide about Kevin Smith's involvement in this show, and after I got a few comments on this site recommending that I watch it, I tried it out for one episode. I did like it, but unfortunately not enough to keep tuning in. It boils down to the fact that I am still very much afraid of Ray Wise (the guy who plays the Devil) because of his freakiness back in the day on Twin Peaks. I'm just never going to get over that. I also have a problem with shows revolving around death in general (which is why I cannot watch any of the CSIs or Pushing Daisies even though I know that one's light-hearted). My imagination cannot handle that kind of stuff--I end up losing sleep thinking about all of the "what ifs?" that these types of shows raise. So yes, even though I know that Reaper is meant to be a comedy about a kid whose parents sold his soul to the Devil, it still unnerves me too much to revisit that concept week after week. The episode I saw involved the main guy, Sam, and his friends trying to capture a soul that was embodied in some evil magician. They caught him, but not before the magician killed someone else (with a sword!) and wreaked other havoc. I need to wind down before I go to sleep, so, with the exception of Lost, I need shows that are not going to get me thinking too much--I'm already an insomniac. All that being said, most people might enjoy Reaper because it certainly is a unique premise for a show, Kevin Smith is one of the directors so it's definitely well executed, and... it has Spanish from Old School in it! I have a special place in my heart for Spanish (real name: Rick Gonzalez) because I ran into him in Chicago once and he indulged my request for a picture. "This suit is crazy hot, yo!"

The Next Great American Band

You may recall that I was very excited about the premiere of TNGAB. However, the second episode really depressed me. It was two hours once again, and this time the twelve bands who made the cut were on stage in a small theater-ish type of venue, so you would think that they'd sound better than they did outside in the Nevada desert. Think again. Almost all of them sounded awful. I wasn't sure that I could even make it to the next episode. I did (mostly because I was curious about who would be the first two bands to get kicked off), and thankfully they must have not only fixed the sound quality/mixing on the show but also many of the bands got their acts together and did well once again. I'm annoyed that the "big band" is still in the competition because the lead singer is a complete dork, in a bad way. I also don't like the "girl band" Rocket, The Muggs (even though they hail from my previous home state of Michigan), or Dot Dot Dot (even though they hail from my home town of Chicago). The singers of all these bands are really bad, I can barely stand to listen to them. The guy from Dot Dot Dot is the best of the worst, but his personality is so annoying that I can't take it. He is a cross between Alan Cumming and Pee-Wee Herman. I think everyone would agree that that was not a compliment.

Sixwire and The Clark Brothers are still good. Franklin Bridge needs to start singing some better songs because I know they rock, but I didn't like their performance this last episode. And I am SO happy that the Light of Doom kiddies put on some shirts. I still get a kick out of them and hope they stay in for a while.

But someone has GOT to boot Johnny Reznick off the show. He is the WORST. CUT YOUR HAIR!!! Sheila E just needs to reach over and snip off some of those bangs of his, because he's making ME squint just by looking at him. And he remains all whiny--he can't stand it when the audience boos him. Keep booing him, maybe he'll leave!

The Hills

Nothing continues to happen on this show. It's really amazing how they pull it off, I must admit. Literally nothing happens. But it's a good show to end the day with for that very reason. There is no suspense, no one's dying, no one is in danger, they just need to look pretty and say dumb things. Oh, and seat 390 people in 15 minutes for the Teen Vogue Fashion Show. Like, OMG, Hilary Duff isn't seated yet!!!! Don't send out the models!!!! That's what I'm talkin' about for escapism.

However, when Spencer comes on the screen, I now look away--honest to God. I cannot even stand his face anymore. His mouth is way too small for the rest of his face, so he looks like an evil, blond chipmunk and that's the last thing I need nightmares about.

Next week is supposed to be the huge confrontation between Lauren and Heidi. I am oddly excited for it, even though I have since learned that essentially the entire show is scripted and fake. I don't care, I just want Heidi to get a smack-down!

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Anonymous said...

ok, I am now going to watch one episode of The Hills, just to see what this Spencer guy looks like...

Anonymous said...

I still haven't figured out my infatuation w/ The Hills. I know it is totally fake and literally nothing happens but for some reason I am strangely addicted. I can't wait for the LC / Heidi showdown next week!

Anonymous said...

I am 36 and addicted to the hills.
I accept the things I cannot change! Spencer is evil. Heidi is clueless, but then again in Lauren, and Audrina looks like a witch