Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Little Too Close for Comfort?

While most of my time in St. Maarten was spent eating, reading, writing, buying pirate crap, going to the gym and then eating some more, on the last day we did make a stop at the Sunset Beach Bar to watch the airplanes coming in right over the beach. There were signs all over the place warning of the possibility of getting blown into the air or killed by the jet blasts!

Here's a shot of a Continental plane coming in... but the video I uploaded below of an Air Transat jet skimming the beach is much better. The video is only 12 seconds long, but for those of you working for The Man, note that it does have sound.

I wasn't brave enough to stand on the beach as the planes came in overhead, but now I wish I would have tried it, just for one of them. I'm a scaredy cat.

- e


Anonymous said...

One day I hope I will be as lucky as you and get to take 3 vacations in 4 months! I'm jealous. I love your long live locke posts, that's how I found you....Keep them coming, it's going to be a long 4 weeks...:)

Anonymous said...

oh wait!....is that....an Oceanic logo????!!! the sign made me think of the very 1st LOST epi where the guy got sucked up into the engine (or turbine or whatever) of the plane....ugh