Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reunited with The Mummy at Universal Studios

After resting up in Margaritaville last Friday, my husband and I headed over to Universal Studios. We had been to Universal in 2000 and in 2006 and had gone on all of the attractions, so we only intended to go back to our favorites this time around.

Therefore, we made a beeline for the Revenge of the Mummy ride. I haven't even seen this movie (and thought that the original Mummy was one of the worst films ever--I seriously almost walked out of the theater), but the ride rocks the hiz-ouse. It's one of my favorite rides across all theme parks I've been to; in 2006 we went on it four times in a row! It's very much an indoor rollercoaster, but there are several unique aspects to it that are hard for me to describe--you just have to go on it to understand. If you've ever been on the new Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland (in L.A.), it's kind of like that, only much better. The only annoying part is that they force you to put any bags you have with you in a free locker before you get in line, and it seems kind of unnecessary, but whatever.

Then we walked to the opposite end of the park to see if the new Simpsons Ride was open. Alas, it was not. I had read online that they were doing a "soft launch" the week we were there, but if they did, we missed it. It is still scheduled to open sometime soon, but the exact date hasn't been announced. Whoever goes on it must tell me about it! I have never consistently watched The Simpsons, but I am familiar with most of the characters, so I'm very curious about what this ride through "Krustyland" will be like. Here is a picture of the under-construction entrance:

Even though we had seen it before, we went to Shrek-4D again because neither of us could remember it (getting old...). It's one of these new "interactive movies" where not only is the show in 3-D, but the seats move and wind blows at you and water spits out at you and whatnot. They have great movies like this at the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, too, which I'll write about at another time.

Then we left. We just couldn't hang in the 87-degree weather--we were outta there by 4 PM--only 6.5 hours of theme park fun that day. But the next day we lasted FOURTEEN HOURS--so there!

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P.S. If you do ever visit Universal Studios, I would highly recommend the Terminator 2:3D attraction--it rocks. We have seen it several times and just didn't have the energy to wait in line again for it this year, but it is pretty incredible (unless you have small children, who would be scarred for life).

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Tania said...

I have been on that ride! The Simpsons Ride! It was really awesome, cause I didn't have any expectations to the ride, since I'd never heard anything about it before, all I knew was that it was new. It's absolutely something you shouldn't miss if you're there. It's a simulator of a mix of a car, plane and rollercoaster cart that we sit in, which is going all over Springfield, and it's sooooo awesome! Get yourself back to Universal Studios and ride! :D