Monday, July 14, 2008

Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!

No matter where you were in the world this past Saturday, if you are in tune with the cosmos, then you probably noticed a slight shift in the atmosphere... a faint quiver from the heavens... a collective sigh of wonder on the winds around the same time that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins were delivered in Nice.

Arriving three-and-a-half days before schedule, "for medical reasons" that will probably never be expounded upon, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline immediately became the subject of international news coverage, and speculation over how much their first pictures will go for is already in high gear.

Most estimates I've read are in the range of $11 - $15 million... meaning the lucky magazine that secures the pictures will have to dole that much out (to charity, apparently) for the honor of introducing the Wonder Twins to the world.

My bet is that People will win out, just like it did with Shiloh's first shots. The real question is, when will these pictures hit the newsstands?

While I'm surprised that more news outlets aren't reporting the origins of the two babies' names (most only mention the obvious--Vivienne's middle name is Angelina's late mother's first name), if you want to know the story behind the rest, read this. I find it pretty hilarious how all possible URL combinations for the twins' names have already been secured by the parents' legal team. Those are some quick thinkers!

Anyway, as you may remember, I am on Team Angelina, so I was happy to hear that the delivery went smoothly, and that she will most likely be staying in the hospital up to another week while the babies gain more weight (they are both only five pounds). If I were her, I would keep it on the down-low as long as I possibly could, because it is going to be MASS CHAOS once the family of eight sets up camp elsewhere. Now all they need is a dog named Tiger and a maid named Alice and they're all set.

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