Friday, August 15, 2008

No HP6 in 2008, But We'll Always Have 'The Hills'...

Like a stake through my heart... yesterday I learned that Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince's premiere date has been pushed back until June 2009... and then this afternoon Entertainment Weekly's Fall Movie Preview issue was delivered with none other than Harry on the cover. I guess I wasn't the only one looking forward to November 21st.

It's not fair! Sniff.

The good news is that we will have Harry Potter movies to see in 2009, 2010 and 2011, as they are splitting The Deathly Hallows into two movies. I don't know how I feel about that... if you recall, I wasn't exactly wild about the final book in the HP series. The vast majority of it seemed so slow to me... and now they're going to drag it out across two movies?!?! Shouldn't they have taken out all of the boring stuff and had one rockin' action-packed send-off? Oh, but wait... then Warner Brothers wouldn't have made as much money. Silly me.

At least we have some TV premieres coming up this fall to fill the void. Here's what I plan on tuning in for (so far):

Gossip Girl: September 1

90210: September 2 (I probably won't keep watching this, but I MUST see Brenda and Kelly in the premiere!)

The Office: September 25

Dirty Sexy Money: October 1

Yes, there will be others, but those are the ones I've seen promos for lately, so they're at the top of my mind.

As is The Hills, which is returning to the airwaves this coming Monday, August 18th. I don't know why I'm going to watch it, because I'm sure that the best parts of the entire season have already been covered in this trailer:

It's the show I love to hate, and I've realized that resistance is futile. I will watch this show until the girls shoot one last confused, fleeting glance at each other. Or until it's clear that Justin Bobby will never be on again.

- e


Spenzer said...

Well I guess movie 7.1 will mostly be camping out in the woods :D I mean what else happened really before they started blowing up Hogwarts?

And that they pushed it back really bugs me, I was so looking forward to it and I've gotten used to my pre-christmas Potter fix. Maybe it sucked so much they're reshooting? That was my first thought. Like they did with Valkyrie, which we're now gonna have for christmas, so at least nazis under the tree, yay!

At least there's Gossip Girl to watch soon, plus Chuck and Pushing Daisies ;) did you like that? It was my favorite new show of last season, sucked they had to cut it short :(

Erika (aka "e") said...

Spenzer - Nope, HP6 is completely finished... they simply thought it would make more $$ in the summer than in the fall. The rumor is that they wanted to take it from 08 because they already did so well with The Dark Knight and didn't have a big hit scheduled for 09 (which I believe could be the case). They'd been running the HP6 trailer in theaters and now have to pull it... so at least we know there are no problems with the movie itself.

I have never watched Chuck or Pushing Daisies. Though I like the main guy in PD after seeing him in "The Fall" (I wrote that one up a few months ago.) Too many shows, not enough time.

- e

Spenzer said...

Yeah well, you're probably right :) I read that too on some sites, just seemed weird at such short notice that they have to pull the teasers now cause they still say november and the fall movie preview thingy coverage ... just seems so out of the blue, I mean it's really the last thing you'd think of, right? That's how I felt.

I guess it's back to wating then.

twilight said...

butttt guess which movie is taking HP's place....


ieeeeee! i'm so excited!

*your california fan*

Dreyesbo said...

Ugh...worse than HP pushed back, is that Twilight is getting its place.

e, two movies means at least half an hour or pure Battle of Hogwarts...and I hope most of it in Imax 3D ;)

maikib said...

embarrassingly, i pushed my return to the uk back so i could see the premiere of 90210... if (and that's a big if) they show it in the UK, it will be 6 months behind... and i just can't wait to see brenda and kelly back together... will there be some hair pulling, or just dirty looks? will brenda have gotten over her best friend stealing her boyfriend (she shouldn't!)? ah... good times...

Mellis said...

I'm still really suspicious about this date change. Hopefully, it truly isn't a cover to give them time to take some reshoots. I just can't help remembering other movies that were pushed back and how horrible they were even after they tried to fix them. The Reaping is one that comes to mind. I am so, so bummed. My costume for the premiere was all ready and everything!