Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to Reality

I've been back from Hawaii for a full week now... so why haven't I been posting?

The good news is that while on a day-trip to Oahu, I ran into my favorite actor of all time, and then spent several days back in Chicago perfecting my write-up of the experience, which I've since posted on Long Live Locke. It's a must-read for Lost fans!

The unfortunate news is that my aching back went from bad to worse while on vacation... I don't know if it was all the time spent in planes, in cars or hunched up writing in a less-than-ergonomically sound set-up... but regardless, my back, shoulder and neck started hurting so intensely that I put in a call to my doctor immediately upon my return home. Hence, I've been trying to limit my typing over the past week.

I now have my first physical therapy session this afternoon -- wish me luck (and thanks to everyone who wrote in with other options for me to try... I will explore some of them if PT doesn't work out...)! I've only got 2.5 weeks before I go on yet another long-distance plane ride, so I hope that the six appointments I have scheduled between now and then help me prepare for some cramped quarters and long stretches of sitting.

I've got tons of things to write about from my Hawaii trip (and still need to finish recounting all of last year's Antarctica antics, while I'm at it), and also have lots of commentary for you from my marathon of TV and movie-watching over the past few days -- the Tivo list is now clear! But for now, I leave you with the picture of me in the kiddie pirate ship play area at the Marriott Ocean Club in Maui. I almost killed myself climbing UP the slippery slide (in the back of the structure). But what a way to go that would've been...

- e

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Pecma said...

I stayed at that same place when I went to Maui a few years ago, amazing area. That was before they made it into timeshares. I got a ton of great photos (some of which you can see here: - they are spread out across the 3 albums) I want to go back there so bad, I loved Maui.