Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pirates: Real and Fake

While in Aruba last month, I was looking out at the Caribbean Sea from a pier-turned-bar when this cool boat pulled up to dock.

I was pretty excited by its name, of course...

However, believe it or not, I didn't end up purchasing a ticket to sail with The Jolly Pirates. It's just better for everyone if I purposefully avoid situations where I'm bound to get seasick. 'Cause that's not very pirate-like.

Fortunately for me, there's another way I can live out my pirate fantasies... on land, and here in Chicago. When my husband and I were leaving the city a few weekends ago, I was almost too stunned by what I saw draped over The Field Museum to take a picture. (Luckily, traffic was moving slowly so I recovered before it was too late.)

Yes... I kid you not, there is currently an 8,400-square-foot exhibition called "Real Pirates" just a few minutes away from me. Its web site promises that I'll "get the chance to experience pirate life by hoisting the skull-and-crossbones, tying pirate knots, learning how to fire a cannon, and more."

This is almost too good to be true. You can bet that I will be going to this exhibit at some point before it ends in October... and you can also bet that, if allowed, I will take pictures of me acting a pirate fool while there. And then of course I'll post them here so you can all laugh at me.

But it will be a jealous laughter... don't deny it.

- e


drew said...

Sounds fun. A pirates life for you e.

dy said...

e - we were just there today. Didn't see the exhibit (which a friend told me is scary for small kids!) but walked by the pirate gift shop they have set up. You are going to go NUTS!!!

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on modern pirates? Surely you don't glamorize their plight...where do you draw the line? Just a playful query...

Erika (aka "e") said...

Anon -

I obviously very much hate "real" modern-day pirates. I only like the Disney-fied versions... you know, Capt Jack Sparrow and whatnot. Not the kind that hijack ships and kill people. Just the kind that wear eye patches, peg legs and cool hats and do nothing but drink rum and sing songs all day. : )

- e