Sunday, July 25, 2010

S'mores, Minus the Campfire

One of the coolest things Miss M and I did during my trip to New York was make s'mores. But there wasn't any chopped wood, fire or long twigs involved -- we cooked them indoors with the help of her ingenious S'mores Maker.

At the trendy restaurant N9NE in Chicago, Vegas and Dallas, you can make s'mores for dessert using a similar set-up, but Michelle found the home version. You just light a little Sterno thingy and voila! You're ready to roast some marshmallows without having to smell like smoke and ash for the rest of the day.

Sometimes the marshmallows would catch on fire if either of us held them in one spot over the grill for too long. After a few milliseconds of panic, you realize all you really need to do is blow on the flaming white gob and the fire would go out. Then you'd be left with a nicely charred treat.

The end result is below. I downed two of these bad boys within minutes. Yes, I felt kinda ill afterward -- should've paced myself. But I have no regrets.

We used dark chocolate, which I highly recommend. Because, you know, it's healthier.

I had the urge for another s'more yesterday and went to get one at this crazy candy/ice cream shop by my place that I've passed on the sidewalk countless times over the past 14 years and never went inside until last week. Bad move -- now I'm in there all the time. Anywhoo... they have pre-made s'mores that are ridiculously expensive -- like $4.50 for one. But because I'm a fool for sweets I bought one last night, took it home, microwaved it for 10 seconds and then devoured it before my dog even got a chance to fully sniff at my plate and try to figure out what was going on. Same consequence as before: I felt kind of sick later. I need to learn to slow down when I eat dessert. But anyway, it was still tasty, though I prefer the "real" kind of s'more that I made with Miss M. That's as close as I'm ever going to get to cooking something.


Anonymous said...

Sure it's cool to make smores and all (lost), but who has time for things like that (lost)? I mean we all have busy lives (lost), and rarely have time to stop and smell the roses (lost). In closing (lost), good for you for finding that kind of spare time (LOST!!).

Kelly, UK said...

S'mores? An American thing I have never understood. Is it short for something - smoked marshmallows? Please explain!

Tarah said...

It's short for...."I want some more". Because you can't ever just eat one. You need S'more.

E, you must spread peanut butter on the graham cracker to have a truly indulgent experience. Make it natural peanut butter to go with your 'healthier' dark chocolate.

Julie said...

If you have a gas stove you really don't need that sterno set-up. Just turn on a burner and char (ooh, I mean nicely toast!) marshmallows all the live long day.

My sister and I did this as kids (in fact, I think the babysitter taught us how) -- and we didn't burn down the house or anything! :)