Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beauty leaves the Beast.

Cute and Not So Cute.

I must admit that I was initially shocked when hearing that Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson are separating. They always seemed like a happy-go-lucky couple and were photographed together a lot, looking all peaceful and bohemian.

But then I thought about it for two minutes, and realized - wait a second - she is really cute and this dude is UGGGGGLY!

So then it all made sense.

I searched for about a half-hour to find a straight-on picture of him with NO sunglasses, and this is the best I could come up with. I see why he keeps them on 24/7.

Dude, it's too bright in here! Get me my glasses!
Now news is breaking that Kate might have been fooling around with Owen Wilson, her co-star in the recent movie You, Me and Dupree. Once again, looking at the picture above compared to the one below... although Owen is no looker himself, I still can't say I blame her. At least he has a great sense of humor, a cool brother and the ability to not constantly shade his eyes on his side. Must be the power of the Butterscotch Stallion!

Marriage Crashers.
Over the past five and a half years while Kate and Chris were married, she did give us some clues that all may not end up well... recently talking about how there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, as well as how she doesn't want to know if her husband is cheating on her.

Why do I look like a little girl, mommy?

Maybe one good thing will come out of all of this... perhaps when away from his rock star father, little Ryder will be able to get his damn hair cut and stop looking like a 1960s hippie love child.

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