Thursday, August 24, 2006

Double down!

It has been a fairly slow week in celebrity gossip, so let us turn our attention to the future.

A future that is filled with a bunch of good-looking guys. That's right, ladies... all your favorite men are back up on the big screen in Ocean's 13, due out next summer.

Yeah, I realize there is the potential for this movie to be bad... but I don't care. I really liked Ocean's 11 and thought Ocean's 12 was OK... but having said that, I am glad that the boys are back in Sin City this time around. Casey Affleck (returning with Scott Caan to their roles as bickering brothers) agrees that they belong in Sin City: "It's back in Las Vegas, for one thing, and it's more going back to the kind of 'Ocean's Eleven' vibe, which is just a little bit more fun in Vegas — the right place for these stories and these characters."

Yes, you are jealous of us.
Apparently, this may be the last in "a trilogy," so to speak. George Clooney has stated that he wants the movies to end on a high note, and therefore for this last installment, they have planned an elaborate finale - set in a 40,000 square foot "casino" they built just for the occasion. Furthermore, George's good buddy, director Steven Soderbergh, has said that this is the last of the Ocean's movies that he will be involved with. However, producer Jerry Weintraub has said that he would be up for Ocean's 14 if the same cast would all return again. Never say never...

Having a blast, all in a day's work.  So tough.You must admit that the cast always looks like they are having so much fun in these movies. I guess if I was hanging out in awesome cities and filming a movie with 20 of my good friends and getting paid a ton for it, I would be having a good time, too. Luckily for us, we always get to hear about their filming hijinx for about a year before the movie comes out. The latest gossip from the set is that George Clooney has become romantically involved with the female lead, Ellen Barkin. About time he starts dating someone his own age!

It should also be noted that Al Pacino is joining the cast as an evil casino owner. He will be a great addition - no one can doubt his acting abilities, but I just hope I can forget about the weird romances he's been having lately (Kirstie Alley last fall ... and if you think that's strange, remember that he was seeing Rose McGowan last summer!?!?).

Most recently they have been filming in LA and Vegas, and Angelina even stayed out there with Brad at the Bellagio a few weeks ago.

Does anyone know how one can become an extra in this movie? I would probably pay THEM for that chance!

Well, regardless, I will be shelling out my $10 next summer to see the finished product.

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thank you! these pics were much needed to balance out the horrific k-fed images.