Sunday, October 29, 2006

For Pete's Sake.

What does she SEE in him!?!?! The celebrity couple that has always absolutely boggled my mind is Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. Granted, he's not really a 'celebrity' in the U.S., he just fronts some U.K. band called Babyshambles that can't be that great because they can never practice because he is always in rehab.

Seriously, have you SEEN this guy? He looks like a drunken version of Harry Potter, and I feel bad saying that because I actually really like the kid who plays Harry Potter.

This is Harry Potter.  This is Harry Potter on drugs.

Now there are rumors that not only are Kate and Pete engaged, but that she's pregnant. I hope that it is just a rumor, because these two junkies should NOT be having a child since neither one can take care of themselves as it is. A few days ago Kate was seen chugging down champagne, which lead some people to the conclusion that she must NOT be pregnant. Ummm... hello?!?! Did you forget who we're talking about here? It's KATE MOSS, not Einstein. This chick is as dumb as they come. It's obvious she's only with him because he's probably the only guy in the world who could care less about her and therefore it's a challenge for her.

Sorry to tell you this, Kate, but Pete is never ever ever going to be sober. I just don't think it's possible. AND he dresses horribly!  She should know better!I mean, this is the same guy who allegedly shot up an unconscious female fan with heroin. I couldn't even list out all the times he's been arrested because it would take me all week, but here's one and here's another.

After her cocaine scandal last year, you would think that those around her who actually do care about her would keep her as far away as possible from Pete. If he's not an "enabler," I don't know who would be. They had broken up for a little while, but he apparently won her over yet again a few months ago.

Theirs is a story that just cannot possibly end well. I feel sorry for Kate's daughter, three-year-old Lila. Perhaps Kate can get Angelina and/or Madonna to adopt her kids so they have half a chance at not having completely messed up lives.

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