Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A name change already?

This is not Jayden.  Or Sutton.  It's Sean. Usually people decide to change their name later in life... as celebrity babies Apple Martin, Pilot Inspektor Lee and Kal-El Cage are bound to do.

But Britney Spears has already done the ol' swich-a-roo for her second son, The Baby Previously Known as Sutton Pierce Spears. Everyone commented on how his initials were kept the same as 1-year-old brother Sean Preston's. Alas, it was not meant to stay that way.

Sutton Pierce is now Jayden James.

To be fair, Britney herself never even officially announced her son's arrival. The media caught wind that it was a boy and that he was named Sutton and took it from there. However, now the birth certificate has been filed so it is final... for now.

I just have to say... Jayden? I know that if she was going to have a girl she was going to name her Jamilyn - a mix between her sister Jamie and her mom Lynne's names. That would've bugged me because even though I would have known that it was supposed to have been pronounced JAY-mee-lin, it would've looked like JAM-a-lin. Perhaps Jayden is a cross between sister Jamie's name and... Hayden Christenson? Who knows. Maybe Britney is a closet Star Wars fan.

Regardless, let's just hope she doesn't drive with this one in the front seat or trip while carrying him in one arm and a drink in the other...

- e

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Proud Papa said...

Jayden is a new name. Jaeden, Jaedin, Jaedon, Jaedyn, Jaidan, Jaidin, Jaidon, Jaidyn, Jaydan, Jayden, Jaydin, Jaydon, Jaydyn, and then there are the Kayden series... In the top 60 or so names for the new generation. Scary.