Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time On My Hands... Should Be Time Spent With... the Gym.

Now that essentially all TV shows that I watch are off until the fall (or in Lost's and 24's case, the winter), I find myself with much more time on my hands both after work and on the weekends. I was curious as to just HOW much time I was spending (some would argue that it's time I'm wasting) on TV-related activities... so I added it up.

Everything I watch is Tivo-recorded and I either forward through commercials, or, in the case of shows like American Idol and SNL, forward through the majority of the show and just watch certain parts, hence the compressed times:

24 - 45 minutes
Lost blog - 2 hours

American Idol: 30 minutes
Lost blog - 3 hours

American Idol: 45 minutes
Lost - 1 hour

The Office: 22 minutes
The OC (series ended a few months ago): 45 minutes

Best Week Ever: 22 minutes

Saturday Night Live: 30 minutes
Lost blog: 5 hours

The Amazing Race: 45 minutes
Lost blog: 5 hours

Grand Total: Nearly 21 hours?!?!

For shame! And compared to a lot of people I know, I don't even watch that much TV! Granted, writing the Lost recap posts takes up the vast majority of that time, and now I've got those hours back for a full nine months. What am I going to do with myself? Besides write more on this blog, of course...

Well, for starters, I have to start making better use of my gym membership, because I've definitely been lax in the work-out area as of late. The warm weather always helps to inspire me to want to look and feel better - so if it would just warm up FOR GOOD in Chicago, that would help my motivation level. There's also all of the "home projects" that get pushed to the side during the fall and spring - I must get a new water heater before mine explodes, we need to get one of our blinds fixed in our main room so that I can see the light of day again, I need to email back people who wrote me months ago, I should call some old friends, and dammit, I need to paint my toenails. No excuses now that I've been given the equivalent of a full day back in my schedule!

Or, instead of doing home projects, I can leave home. I'm going to Michigan this weekend and Vegas next weekend, so the water heater's just going to have to wait!

I will not have Internet access this weekend (yes, it's possible this day and age to not have Internet access in some places), so you will hear my Megabus tales on Monday.

Until then,
- e

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