Friday, June 29, 2007

Where e will be on March 22, 2008: Indiana Jones 4

I never fail to be surprised at the things that will make me gasp or shriek - because even I cannot predict my own reactions sometimes. Most recently, I was a tad startled when I found myself shouting out a "YAY!" of happiness while sitting alone in my office at work and coming across this photo from the set of Indiana Jones 4 - showing Harrison Ford once again in the "Indy get-up." Isn't it awesome?

The movie, which does not have a finalized title yet (Indiana Jones 4 is just the working title), is currently shooting in New Haven, Connecticut. They have transformed parts of the town to look like the year is 1957, and supposedly it's pretty cool. It is also rumored that they will be filming in Hawaii.

Cate Blanchett, John Hurt and Shia La Boeuf join the cast this time around, but Sean Connery is out - "enjoying retirement too much" to come back to work, even for Indy, he stated.

Less than 9 months to go!

- e

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