Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Talkin' it up! Jimmy Fallon to replace Conan?

A few weeks ago, speculation began that Jimmy Fallon would take over Conan O'Brien's spot on "Late Night" when Conan himself left for "The Tonight Show" (to replace Jay Leno) in 2009. I have mixed feelings about this...

Positives about Jimmy Fallon:
- He is pretty good-looking... sometimes he actually looks REALLY cute.
- 'The Barry Gibb Talk Show' is one of my favorite recurring sketches on SNL (he even comes back to the show for it like when Justin Timberlake hosted this year).
- He can create funny lyrics to the tune of popular songs, and he can make up goofy original songs, just like Adam Sandler did before him.
- I really liked "Fever Pitch," so sue me!

Negatives about Jimmy Fallon:
- He's not THAT cute - sometimes I think he looks like a fish.
- I get nervous when I watch him - he's so hyper that even though I don't drink coffee, I feel like I've had 25 cups when watching how fidgety he is. Then I start wondering if he's on drugs, and I get sad. Therefore, it is too much of an emotional drain to watch him for any length of time.
- He literally could not keep a straight face during any skits on SNL. It was funny at first, but then got annoying. That's what you're being paid for, man! Pull yourself together!
- He is nowhere near as good as Conan is... but as long as Conan will still be hosting a talk show, then I guess that doesn't really matter. I can't think of anyone else I'd rather see in the spot, either...

I have a feeling that the rumors about Jimmy replacing Conan are true, because he just proposed to his girlfriend this past weekend. I interpret that as, "My life is going really well, so I'm going to get married now before I become a REALLY big star, because I want to attempt to maintain some sense of normalcy with a non-actress wife."

We all know it will end up as another celebrity divorce, but I wish them luck! His fiancée looks pretty normal, and they were introduced by Drew Barrymore, so... I'm sure that counts for something.

- e


Anonymous said...

Good points about JF. All I can add is that remember how long it took Conan to find his groove as a talk show host after leaving the writers' room at The Simpsons.

maikib said...

while i whole-heartedly agree (i mean, who can really replace conan??), he was hysterical when he was on conan with bruce springsteen... and he stood in the crowd of musicians (it was to promote "The Seeger Sessions," so there were like 25 people in the band) on stage playing the spoons. i was cracking up. (Not to mention Conan was playing the guitar and was at least a full foot taller than everyone else on stage... heehee. still makes me giggle).

Anonymous said...

I've been watching Connan since Day 1 ... and let's just say those early days were painful. He's gotten MUCH better over the years. So, I think Jimmy actually has huge potential :-). But, you're right, there's no comparison to Connan (who I think is cute in a weird tall, irish, pompadore kind of way).