Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You Give Love A Bad Name

There's nothing newsworthy about Courtney Love right about now (and truly, was there ever?), but it has been a while since I ripped on celebrities so I figured she was as good as any to target. I knew a post about her was in the making because several weeks ago, I was so shocked by a picture of her that I saw online that I immediately saved it, knowing that I was just going to HAVE to comment on her scary looks sooner rather that later. So first, behold her transformation since the nineties (I admit to you that I never realized she looked half-way normal in the past until I saw this picture!):

She looks like she could've been Renee Zellweger's sister back in the day. But no longer... She's had even MORE plastic surgery since that 2006 picture! Behold once again (this is the picture that inspired this post):

She has become the first human Muppet! OK, while you're already traumatized, just look at this one - it's more recent - after ANOTHER surgery to get her "nose and wonky lips fixed." She looks especially puffy because she went out shortly after the surgery and is still in the recuperation period waiting for the swelling to go down.

Now this is taking the concept of Smashing Pumpkins a bit too far, wouldn't you say? Stop the madness, Courtney! I just can't bear to look at any more pictures, or subject my beloved readers to them anymore, so I will stop. This woman has been on every drug known to mankind, has been extraordinarily horrible to her body, is obviously mentally unstable - so there is one mystery that cannot be explained. How is her daughter with the late Kurt Cobain - Frances Bean - so seemingly normal? Let's hope she stays that way... (I lied, here's one more pic)...

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Anonymous said...

GROOOOSSSS! Everytime I bring up your blog- I get scared! Please post someting new...please!