Friday, September 28, 2007

Blindly Addicted

Maybe it's because I wrote a post late in the day yesterday, but I'm still in the mood this fine Friday morning to share yet another guilty pleasure of mine with you, my dear readers.

This one is my obsession with reading "blind items." If you are not a frequent peruser of celebrity gossip magazines or web sites, then let me clue you in as to what a blind item is... it is a rumor about a famous person who is left unnamed. Usually clues are given as to the celebrity's identity, and then people like me go nuts trying to guess who it is. When the items are posted on a web site that allows comments, tons of people start entering in their speculations (along with supporting evidence) and typically some sort of conclusion is drawn. A few of these printed rumors are fairly tame, but most are extremely sordid - dealing with affairs and perversions and all sorts of unsavory activity. I'm assuming that's why none of the publications actually names names... because they would get sued quite quickly by a bunch of high-powered attorneys. So they give telling hints and leave it up to their readership to figure it out.

I will give you an example of one that's harmless from The New York Daily News on September 3rd: " Which Hollywood megastar couple likes to have the hotel where they stay in New York clip flattering pictures of them and their child from the celeb weeklies, to put in frames before they arrive at their suite?"

Everyone agreed that this was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Here's another one that's a little juicier, but not really surprising! This one is from Lainey Gossip on September 7th:

"Who was in Toronto the other night, attempting to dance while her ex BFF’s ex fiancĂ© worked the tables, and ended up spending half the night in the staff toilet drunk off her tree retching her face off, irritating employees and sending them scurrying for disinfectant and antibiotics for fear of viral contamination? It IS who you think it is."

I know this is a shocker, but this was deemed to be Paris Hilton.

I chose to write about my obsession today because I have found the mother of all blind item sites. This page pulls together ALL BLIND ITEMS from ALL SOURCES (or all of the best sources, at least) so lazy people such as myself don't even need to hunt for them anymore. It's awesome! The early-90s animated .gif on the page is really annoying, but as soon as you click into a month's archive it stops. My only wish for this site is that they would list new items in reverse chronological order so I don't have to scroll all the way down to check for updates... I told you I was lazy!

Think twice before you check it out for yourself... once you start reading these things - you will be forever tormented. You will be wondering WHO a particularly nasty item is about and it will gnaw at the back of your mind - possibly forever, because some of these rumors are never going to be substantiated in public. I fear I'm about to create many monsters... I warned you!

- e

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I love blind items!! this site is amazing!! (and horribly addicting!)