Monday, September 24, 2007

The New-and-Improved According to e!

Just a quick note to make you aware of some updates I made to the site over the past weekend (I incorporated several of the same enhancements on Long Live Locke, too). I was a big ol' nerd and went crazy with my HTML skillz!

Here is what is new, in the off-chance that you, too, are a nerd and care about these sorts of things:

- "Favicons" in the URL field and in tabs (in some browsers) - you will see a maroon "e" if it works on your browser.
- Labels for all posts I've written to date. So if you are looking for, say, every book review I've ever written, you can find them easily in the "So Organized!" section to the right.
- A more easily navigable archives section in the right-hand column as well. Click on the arrows to expose the next layer for any given month or year.
- Emailed posts! If you cannot access 'According to e' at work or forget to check the site often, you can now get any new posts emailed to you by signing up in the field in the right-hand column. If your email system accepts HTML-coded messages, you will even get all the pictures (but, alas, not my roll-over captions). Just be sure to check your bulk/junk email folders when you first sign up, because when I tested it out, the sign-up confirmation email and the first message with a new post went into my junk folder until I designated them as "not junk."
- RSS feeds! Actually, I've always had an RSS feed, but now I've added the icon in the right-hand column so that I don't need to keep reminding everyone about it.
- A new color scheme. You probably didn't even notice. Sigh.

- e

1 comment:

maikib said...

i noticed, i noticed!!! the color scheme FIRST and then all the cool additions like the RSS feed (and no, I didn't notice before the addition of the mission accomplished-- and proof that i am a graphically-motivated marketer, as much as i think i'm a content-motivated marketer...). kudos on the revamped site!