Thursday, January 10, 2008

KISS off

I am still fighting a cold, so I only have the energy to post a quick note to see whether or not anyone out there has been watching Celebrity Apprentice? I am intrigued by the preview I saw for tonight's episode, where Gene Simmons apparently insults Trump's daughter, but I'm not sure if in my weakened state I can handle a reunion with Omarosa.


Oh, and I'm over American Gladiators already. I watched Monday's show last night and it just gets really old, really quickly. The dialogue between the hosts and the contestants is just way too canned and cheesy. It was fun while it lasted. And Wolf still rocks.

Send "get healthy" vibes my way, please...

- e


Anonymous said...

Hi e hope your feeling better soon, get some chicken soup down you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit that I watched the show last night. Only because I was cleaning the kitchen, there was nothing else on, and I was tivo-ing Grey's & was waiting for J to get home so we could watch it together. Anyway... it was not as painfully bad as I had expected. But the people are highly annoying. Much more annoying than 'regular' people. I'd love to know the combined $-amount spent on plastic surgery amongst the contestants. The part where the Kiss dude insulted Ivanka was pretty funny. Omarosa is not as bad as you'd imagine she might be, so I think you could take it. The ugly Baldwin has got to go. Those are my thoughts - bad, but not as bad as it could be, but still mildly entertaining. Especially when there is NOTHING else on!

Feel better soon!