Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reality Roundup

The Amazing Race 12 Finale

As my husband and I had hoped, TK and Rachel won The Amazing Race. Though I think they deserved it and I was happy with the outcome, during that hour there was definitely a part of me that was rooting for Nick and Gramps to pull a big upset. I wasn't a fan of Nick, but I loved me some Gramps. No one watching the show could deny that he rocked the house. But as soon as I learned what that big puzzle challenge was at the end, I knew they would lose. Nick just never seemed like the brightest guy, you know? Did anyone else get the impression that he actually NEVER finished that challenge? He and Gramps weren't shown again after that point, which makes me think that he was still there trying to figure it out when the other two teams crossed the finish line, and then the directors were like, "OK, you can stop now," and then just filmed them rejoining the bigger group at the end. At least they have their matching "FF" tattoos to commemorate the entire experience.

I was shocked that Ronald didn't slip back into his old ways and freak out at Christina when she couldn't get over the hump on the ice climbing challenge. Then again, that probably only lasted like 5 seconds and they just made it seem longer than that. He held it together pretty well over the last few episodes, and I sincerely hope for the sake of everyone he comes into contact with on a daily basis that he is truly a changed man. Because he was one freaky-deeky dude early on.

Overall, the finale seemed anti-climactic to me. The episode before it was much better when I feared that Nate and Jen might make it into the final three. I haven't shouted at the TV that loudly in a long time. With the final installment being filmed entirely in Alaska, it seemed kind of lame. I felt that they were just going from spot to spot without really doing anything challenging. That ice climb was a pretty big joke--you could tell that it was NOT high or steep at all.

But I did like this season and am sad that it is over. I always love seeing where they go and living vicariously through the teams' travels. And I love Phil, too. Oh my gosh, a great idea just popped into my head. Phil would make an excellent host of The Mole! He's not quite as good-looking as Anderson, but he has that snarky wit about him... and a kiwi accent to boot. I'm going to start petitioning ABC right now. Maybe CBS wouldn't let him go, though?

OK, back to TAR... if you'd like to read or hear an interview with TK and Rachel about their big win, click here.

American Idol

Last night I watched both Tuesday and Wednesday's installments of American Idol. Once again, they were just blah. I remember the dude who had the baby, and the brother-sister duo who made it through, and that's it. I think the male half of that duo is my favorite guy so far, just because he was funny and actually had a good voice. I agreed with Randy and did not think his sister should've made it. But she will get kicked out during the next round, for sure. Oh, and I just remembered that crazy dude with the long hair, disgusting fingernails and the fans--he was pretty wacky and therefore interesting to watch. Everything else over the course of those two hours was forgettable. I can't believe they still have even MORE audition episodes next week???

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet Season Premiere

Yes, I know I am too old to still watch these shows on MTV. But I was reminded about it by someone else who I think is at least my age, so I know I'm not the only thirty-something tuning in. Plus, CT is on it again, and therefore I had to watch it. If you want to see if you recognize anyone in the cast this time around, check out the bios here.

Amazingly, I still knew the majority of competitors this time around... they brought back a lot of the best people. But, I'm sorry--aren't Coral and Beth at least 40 at this point? I am pretty sure Beth is. So I'm not going to feel bad watching this show since they obviously still feel like they can be on it! (OK, I checked, Beth is 38.)

The two teams, Rookies and Veterans, seem drastically mismatched. The guys on the Veterans team are HUGE. The Rookies have all these teeny guys--it just doesn't even seem fair. But of course, no one watching this show is watching it for the actual challenges... they're watching it for the drama that ensues once all of these crazy people are back from a day's "work" and living in the awesome house together (this time in Mexico). And the premiere definitely did not disappoint in that area: CT got drunk, Diem (who looks totally different, and is still with him, which I found unbelievable) was upset, and everyone else was hooking up with each other. Coral picked fights unnecessarily, and Beth shared her scheming plans with the camera.

At the end, they showed a preview of the rest of the season and it definitely looks good. The Beth/Coral Gauntlet is going to be awesome!

While I will continue to watch all this reality crap because nothing else is on and I need to unwind before I go to sleep, in exactly one week from tonight, a REAL show is returning, albeit for only 8 episodes: Lost. Hooray!

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Lockman said...

so excited about Lost coming back...super amped..I just hope these writers get back to writing so we don't have to wait another year for more of the greatest show on TV..
on the rw/rr I always try to stay stay away and then end up watching this show..haha...and Diem since MTV is pretty much my background noise in my room was also on that MTV Made show where she wanted to be made into a ballroom dancer or something..CT was making cameo appearances on that one..just a little tidbit for ya...Beth makes me ill..Katie is a super screaming yelling psycho...coral whole I'm the badass chick is getting for the show it looks like they are having a good time making out with everyone on the show..hahah...these people are like a weird family that get together twice a yearand have hedonism in some tropical getaway...insane...
have a great weekend!!!!
t-minus 1 week to Lost!!
keep up the good work...always good to hear of your recent adventures and rants...

Anonymous said...

Nah - TAR is a much better gig than the Mole. Phil would never leave. You know who should host the Mole? That guy from the first Road Rules. What was his name again? I can picture him, but am drawing a blank on his name. Mark? How 'bout a female host - like what's her name from Real World that ended up marrying the lumberjack guy? She tried out as one of the View gals a couple of times. Rachel, was that it? Geez - I'm bad at this name thing!

I just saw that the new Gauntlet is on so I'll have to catch a rerun.