Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and the City

(As always, there are no spoilers in this review.)

After the utterly depressing Lost finale Thursday night, I needed something to cheer myself up the following day. So even though we were in Boston for my graduate school reunion, my husband and I took a break from visiting all of our old haunts to take in the Sex and the City movie. I am happy to report that it was just what I needed to get me back in a good mood.

While I haven't actually read any reviews of this film because I didn't want plot points to be given away beforehand, I had heard that reactions were mixed. After seeing it for myself, I am really, really confused as to how anyone who watched the HBO series could possibly not like the big screen version.

The movie (all two-and-a-half hours of it!) was exactly what I had hoped it would be. It stayed true to the characters that long-time fans had come to know and love over six seasons, there was an actual plot line, and I both laughed and cried. Jennifer Hudson (of American Idol and Dreamgirls fame) was pretty much the only new character, and I thought she did a good job and added a young, funny perspective to the story without seeming too forced.

As for the crowd... I saw a 2:45 PM show and the theater was packed, and it was the kind of audience where people felt comfortable letting their reactions be known... there were several "Oh no he didn't!"s and "What!?!"s and "Nooo!"s that added to the experience--in a good way. (And for the guys out there... my husband was one of about five men in the theater. But he liked it, too.)

For those of you who have never seen the TV series or didn't follow it closely, this probably won't be your favorite movie, but I do think they made an effort to quickly get all viewers up to speed on who each character is and some of the more critical back stories. But a few seconds of voice-overs are never going to compare to years of getting to know the major characters and all of their quirks, so you might not have the strong reactions that others in the theater are having. That being said, if you're looking for a summer movie that doesn't involve superheroes or explosions and is, at its core, about the power of friendships, then I think you'll enjoy Sex and the City.

I'm personally just happy to hear that it knocked Indiana Jones out of the #1 spot. Hee hee.

Finally... for those of you who have seen it and want to comment, feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments section. Below is a non-spoilery trailer that is only 45 seconds. And don't worry... not all scenes are what they seem...

- e


Craig said...

Hi e,

I don't really have much to say, as I haven't seen the movie, but I just wanted to say that I'm glad to see that you are still functioning after the Lost season finale.

Stacy M. said...

this is majorly after the fact of your original post, but i just wanted to say that i saw the movie last night and having been a fan of the show for many years i was really impressed with how well it translated on to the big screen. that having been said, i was really disappointed at the seemingly quick recovery carrie and big's relationship took near the end. after 6 months (2 hours for the viewer) of despising the man i felt amazed that it took so little for carrie to forgive and forget. as my best friend pointed out, that is the nature of their relationship but i still felt somewhat jilted that the ending brought us right back to the start of the movie; everyone happily in love with the exact same people (minus samantha, although as she mentioned herself her true love has always been herself.) don't get me wrong, i loved it but i couldn't help but get a little angry when carrie forgot everything so quickly. thus us the nature of carrie and big and their ridiculous experiance with love though. i just hope they don't make a sequel, like i've been hearing is planned, because i felt it ended on a really satisfying note.

Amanda said...

I think your review is right on and I felt exactly the same way. I am a huuuuuge SATC fan and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect movie. I also hope that they don't do a sequel, I like the way they left this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi e! Read your Lost finale post and loved it, so hopped on over here. I just saw SATC this Wed. As I told my dear ole' mom, if you saw and loved the series, you'll love the movie.

Just the right combo of utter retail fantasy and filthy Samantha talk. But I thought the movie allowed the characters to go to some deeper places than the series ever did. I had several damp corner-of-the-eye moments during, and I'm pretty heartless, overall.