Monday, June 23, 2008

Who You Gonna Call?

After a five-hour drive back from Michigan last night, I wanted to do nothing but crawl into bed and zone out once we got home. And what better way to zone out than to flip around on TV until a classic 80s movie graced the screen? Especially if it was Ghostbusters, which I only saw once when it first came out in 1984. I was in fourth grade! This movie needed to be seen again--it was fate.

All I had remembered about the film was: a) who starred in it, b) the theme song, and c) the marshmallow dude at the end. So it was kind of like seeing it for the first time again, only 24 years later and with a very judgmental eye for special effects. On that note, if there's one reason you should watch this movie (most likely again), it's for the hilarious effects. When any of the monsters or ghosts are on-screen and stationary, they're actually pretty decent-looking. But when they start to move... that's where it gets kind of funny because it's sooooo fake-looking. But hey, the movie still rocks, so I'm not going to knock it.

I must say that trailers have come a long way since that point in time, too... check out the original preview for the movie below... that voice-over guy achieved the impossible and made Ghostbusters seem boring!

The true reason I decided to write about this movie today, however, wasn't really to do a movie review... it was to talk about the idea of actual ghost-busters. I feel like it is no coincidence that I saw this movie again last night, that Glen Hansard from The Swell Season talked about a friend who is a ghost-buster during his concert last week, and that a new character, Miles, on my favorite TV show, Lost, also has that same profession.

What is up with all of the ghost-busting talk as of late? Do these people really exist? At the concert, Glen said that his friend has a "normal job" as a grocery clerk, but did ghost-busting on the side and didn't talk much about it. But he did share one of his friend's stories about helping "free" ghosts that had been wandering the planet for centuries, because "some people don't know they're dead"--it was very Sixth Sense-ish.

So--despite whether or not you believe in ghosts--ghost-busters do really exist, and I want to know how you go about contracting one. I don't have any ghosts in my condo or anything, but just about everything else has gone wrong with this place, so I figure it's best to be prepared.

Wait, I just thought of something... maybe all of the things that have gone wrong with my place have been CAUSED BY ghosts?!?! D'ah!

OK, so I just stopped writing this post in order to investigate whether or not there is a Chicago-area group that provides ghost-busting services. I came across this article, which was pretty interesting... and then turned comical when it discussed a haunted Hooters basement. But anyway, from the article I learned that there is a group called the Chicagoland Paranormal Researchers. I'm very much considering going to one of their meetings sometime... then maybe I, too, can put "ghost-buster" on my résumé. Admit it, you'd be jealous of me.

- e

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Anonymous said...

Hilariously low-key trailer for ghost-buster ... so bad you almost have to think intentional. I guess anything you look back on will seem cheesy.

Do you think ghosts were involved in moving 3 marinated and cooked chicken breasts that were cooling on my stove last I saw them but then the pan itself was outside in my yard and foil spread out everywhere. Surely my lovably innocent dogs would have barked if a spirit was on the premises. Or was it a coincidence that my dogs had soy sauce mustaches - perhaps they were slimed by ghosts after the fact.

The Other E