Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ah, the Memories of Working for The Man, Courtesy of The Dark Knight

So I finally got my tickets to see The Dark Knight on Friday. I was supposed to go to an IMAX sneak peek of the movie tonight, but those plans fell through (hello, bitterness!), so I had to scramble. Guess what? The show was already sold out from 5:30 PM to 10:45 PM Friday night! Yikes. It's going to be crazy.

Watching the final trailer for the film, however, I was reminded of days gone by when I used to work for The Man (11 months and counting...). That's right, not one but TWO of my old office buildings are featured in the movie, much of which was shot in Chicago. For those of you who are familiar with the city, just like in Batman Returns, many of the chase scenes were filmed on Lower Wacker drive.

And several of the "Joker confrontation" scenes were filmed at the end of the LaSalle Street corridor, where I used to work. The Chicago Board of Trade building, my most recent place of legitimate employment, can be seen at 21 seconds, 35 seconds, 1 minute 42 seconds, and then again about ten seconds after that when the truck blows up. Along that same stretch of city blocks is also the office where I used to work for JPMorgan Chase. I must admit, these buildings make great dramatic backdrops for a Batman/Joker showdown!

Unless you have been living in a hole, then you already know that the movie has gotten great advance reviews, and there is much buzz about Heath Ledger receiving a posthumous Oscar nomination. I still think it's going to be hard to watch him on the big screen, but I have faith that his performance will be incredible. Expect my recap on Monday!

- e


Craig said...

"The show was already sold out from 5:30 PM to 10:45 PM Friday night!"

This makes me remember why it can sometimes not be a bad thing to live here in the approximate middle of nowhere. I will probably be able to get tickets within at least 30 minutes of show time if not right up until the last minute.

"The Chicago Board of Trade building, my most recent place of legitimate employment,"

This, on the other hand, amuses me because it sounds as if you later spent some time selling drugs.

Anonymous said...


Are you still digging out your x-file pictures for that premier ???

Can't wait ...

The Other E

Erika (aka "e") said...

Craig - Wow, that is crazy that you don't think the show will be packed in your area. Truth be told, I am a big enough nerd that I LIKE the packed theaters and waiting in line in anticipation.

And yes, I guess I see how my sentence could've been interpreted that way. But fear not, I am on the up-and-up! As Whitney Houston said best, "Crack is wack!"

The Other E - Oh yes, fear not, the X Files Convention pictures WILL be revealed some time next week in all of their glory. I am a glutton for self-punishment and embarassment.

- e

Zach Dionne said...

Biggest hype for a movie ever? Or at least since Star Wars? Or...EVER?!

That must be a crazy feeling to see an area you know so well - and buildings you freakin' WORKED in - in such a huge film.

I can't wait. Have fun at your show! I'm going at midnight tonight, and I'm confident it'll be jam-packed, even in Waterville, Maine.


Ernie said...

Ledger's performance was incredible. My friends and I were worried that this movie wouldn't live up to the mega hype its been receiving, but after seeing it, I must say that it exceeds the hype. Ledger's joker will go down as one of, if not, the best comic book villain ever portrayed on the big screen.