Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Iron Man, Finally.

After realizing that I was perhaps the only person left on Earth who hadn't seen Iron Man, I remedied that situation Saturday night. I wasn't intentionally trying to avoid it or anything... the timing just hadn't worked out. But it did qualify as a movie that I desperately wanted to catch while it was still at the theater, so I knew this was probably one of the last weekends I'd be able to do so. Or maybe not, considering that the show was still completely sold out two months after its premiere (although admittedly I was in perhaps the smallest theater ever built... but, you get my point).

The miracle is that despite crazy-high expectations for this movie--after everyone I know telling me how great it was and that they couldn't believe I hadn't seen it yet--I DID still love it. That's really saying something, considering that usually when my hopes are up so much I am invariably disappointed.

Although I am not a fan of Robert Downey Jr., you really can't help but like him in this movie--he did an excellent job playing Tony Stark, the genius billionaire who creates/becomes Iron Man. I also thought that Terrance Howard and a barely recognizable Jeff Bridges were good fits for their roles, too. Unfortunately, as I knew would be the case, Gwyneth Paltrow was totally annoying as "Pepper Potts," Stark's assistant.

First off, who comes up with these names for the women in all of the various comic book series? Oh yeah, dorks. That must be why most of the female characters' names are so ridiculous. But beyond the stupid moniker, Gwyneth's character--solely because she was played by Gwyneth--was definitely the worst part of this movie. She had absolutely ZERO chemistry with Stark, even though they tried desperately to act like there was something there. I also can't stand her lispy voice... she sounds like a ten-year-old girl. If it were not for the fact that 1) she is married to Chris Martin and 2) she was in one of my all-time favorite movies, Sliding Doors, I would absolutely despise Gwyneth Paltrow. AND she didn't deserve to win an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. (End of random rant.)

I also thought it was funny how Jon Favreau, who directed the movie but also had a very small part as Tony's chauffeur Happy Hogan (who has a much bigger role in the comic book), suddenly just disappeared from the film. In the beginning he was rolling around as the limo driver, but then must have realized the movie was going to be harder to direct than he previously figured, and so he was never seen again on-screen. My husband and I both agreed that he's a much better director than actor, though. I love me some Swingers, but the bottom line is that Vince Vaughn made that movie, and Favreau's acting in it was pretty horrid. Let's not feel too bad for him, though, since Iron Man made about a gazillion dollars and the sequel is already planned for 2010.

My husband also pointed out that Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine, was one of the bad guys. What's up with this dude making small appearances in a ton of movies?

Anyway, I won't officially recommend Iron Man because I know it's too late--you've already seen it. It was great and I'm glad I finally checked it off of my list. I do have a small question about the ending, though, so check the comments and help me out if you won't be spoiled. But also, regarding the ending, I must say that I think the final line in the movie was unexpected, but perfect.

Next up from Superheroland... Hancock this weekend.

- e


Erika (aka "e") said...

Spoilers ahead...

So they made a big deal about Tony having to use the "old" heart thingamajiggy, and that it was losing power rapidly. In the final scene with him as Iron Man, the heart light flickered and went out.

Then next thing we see, he's running around as Tony Stark again at the press conference, and, despite the fact that there's a tie over his chest, it really doesn't look like he has the glowy thing there anymore.

So what happened? Unless I missed something major, I felt like that was a significant gap in the storyline or editing... that we just got no explanation as to what is now powering his heart.

DID I miss something? Anyone?

- e

Erika (aka "e") said...

PS... Shout-out to JC for alerting me to the additional clip after the credits... good stuff:


Anonymous said...

I loved Iron Man!

I've always loved RDJ, even with all his druggie problems...and he was extra "bom chicka wah wah" in this movie...Damn, sobriety does a body good.

Loved Terrence Howard, but I always do...He's so smooth, reminds me of my father...I can't wait for the sequel...Dayum, Sam Jackson!!!

Now to the thorn in my eye and psyche...Gwyneth "Can't Stand Ya" Paltrow...Ugh! I had the same annoyances as you with her performance...and is it me, but why was she just lolly-around in her stiletto ankle straps while shit was blowing up around her...Clearly she ain't from the sensible tribe...If you know the bad guy is after you, you take dem damn shoes off and haul ass...That was my only quibble with the flick.

Other than that is was a beast of film...

I didn't really pay attention to the whole heart thingy...I thought the whole taking the one out of the case as using it was far fetched, but the hero HAD to prevail and live to fight another day...I just chalk it up to that.

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got to see it e! I too am not a big RDJr fan, but as I was watching it, I kept thinking, who else could they have casted in this part, and realized that he was just the right combo of playboy/geek for the part. I'm also not a Gwenyth fan and thought her role would have been much better played by someone (anyone!) else, and yeah, the name is lame. I didn't notice about the heart device no longer glowing. I think you've just gotten too used to noticing all the little details from watching "Lost"! LOL :)

Ernie said...

I don't really remember the part you are questioning...guess I'll have to check it out again when its out on DVD.

You didn't stay for the ending? That's the part I thought you were talking about when you mentioned the end. Sam Jackson is da Man! Look for crossover references of the Avengers in The Hulk and the future Capt. America movie as well. Did you catch Capt. America's shield in Stark's house?

Anonymous said...

Hey e,

"Sliding Doors" is also one of my favorite movies. Such a great concept for a movie. I think I'll have to rent it again--I haven't seen it in years!

another e

P.S. Speaking of the "X-Files," my husband and I just starting renting "Californication," starring David D. It is really good, and I think that you might like it, as the writing is very clever and the character development is excellent. The first season just came out on DVD. Check it out!

Dreyesbo said...

The glow doesn't pass theough all that clothing, I believe. But he still should have it.