Monday, August 04, 2008

The Twin Pics: So Close, Yet So Far

When I got up this morning, I called the Walgreens on my corner to see if they had the new People magazine with Angelina and Brad's twins on the cover. The woman who answered said, "I can't leave my register, but I'm sure we do." I replied, "Can you transfer me to someone who can look? I don't want to come over there in the rain if it's not there yet, it was supposed to hit newsstands today." I am put on hold, and then a few moments later the same woman comes back on the line and says, "Yeah, it's here."

YAY, YAY! What a glorious morning. Who cares about the pouring rain when there are pages of the Power Twins to devour? I put on my raincoat, grabbed my umbrella and headed off.

Do I even need to tell you that it wasn't there? I was beside myself with anger. I walked all around the store and only saw last week's issue. Then I went up to the woman at the cosmetics counter. "Are you the one I talked to about People magazine?" "Yeah!" she said, "He pulled it up at the counter."

Hope springs eternal. But the guy at the counter just pointed me to the week-old issue. "No, that's not it," I moaned. "Sure it is, it's People magazine!" he scolded. "Not the one that comes out today!?!?!" I cried, and then headed back to the woman at the cosmetics counter.

I stopped a few feet away from her and informed her that they did in fact NOT have the new issue yet. "Yes he does," she insisted. "No, he doesn't, not the one that comes out today," I shot back. "Well, you didn't say that on the phone," she protested. "Um, I said 'The one with Angelina's twins on it,'" I ended as I headed out the exit doors. She threw her hands up like "How am I supposed to know about Angelina's twins?" and went on with her day.

I couldn't give up that easily. I trekked three blocks down to CVS, which only had the issue from TWO weeks ago?!?!

Borders, I thought. Borders will definitely have it! So I continued my walk in flip-flops that were not meant to be worn in wet conditions, arrived at Borders and... they were closed until 10 AM. I could FEEL the magazine on the other side of the glass. But I was just not meant to read this damn thing over my morning bagel.

So I trudged back home in the rain. It's now ten, but I have to eat. Then I will CALL Borders and ENSURE they have it before heading out again.

In the meantime, the two cover shots are up for public consumption... do they look like $14 million dollars? Because that's what they cost between the two magazines...

(And yes, during this morning's debacle the thought DID cross my mind that my priorities are way out of whack and it was ridiculous that I was getting so upset over pictures of babies that I would never, ever meet. But that didn't make me want to see them any less.)

- e


Anonymous said...


You are a bulldog ...

The Other E

Anonymous said...

I do not care for the People mag cover shot. If it was just Brad & Angelina and the babies that would be one thing.....but they put Shiloh in the corner with the baby.

Hello what about Maddox, Pax, and Zahara?! Why do only the biological kids make the cover!

Anonymous said...

Face it, the public loves Shiloh.

I am sure there are plenty of group photos in the inside...don't worry anonymous! don't worry! I am sure they are there.

Anonymous said...

sooooo???? did you ever get a copy??? is it all you've ever hoped for and more???

Brian said...

I'm not so sure that the fact that you'll never meet them is what makes you nuts. I think the fact that they're not YOUR babies or at least....nope, no at least. Unless they were pictures of your babies, or your kid's babies, or perhaps your neice or nephew, you're a bit nuts.

And, for the record, if they're pictures that Anne Geddes took of anyone's babies, that's just not ok. (Unless your baby was born naturally dressed as a tulip or a bumble bee).


Erika (aka "e") said...

Update: So I finally got the magazine at 6 PM... the magazine guy said it was the last copy and that there had been "a lot of interest" in it.

I have to tell you, I was disappointed. Yeah, there were tons of pages of pictures, but they looked almost exactly the same?!?! They didn't even change anyone's outfits or their backgrounds!!! Yeah, I KNOW that they probably just had the pictures snapped in one sitting, but seriously, for $14 MILLION DOLLARS, couldn't they have done one change of clothes?

Plus, I was absolutely STUNNED and mad that they didn't have ONE picture of all eight of them where you could see everyone. Technically there was a spread where all of them were next to each other, but Shiloh and Maddox were lying down and you couldn't see their faces. To me, that would be the most important picture to get--the entire family.

All of the quotes I had pretty much already read online, too.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. I think for $14 million they could've done a lot better.

Now I'm just interested to see if People and Hello got their money's worth--if we never hear about any sales records being broken, then, they didn't.

- e

Anonymous said...

e, grrl, you gotta shake that celebrity monkey...Maybe that's what had Chicago all shook up last night...LOL

I'm just the opposite, lady...I couldn't care less about the lives of celebs...Okay, only the ones I think are foine...Maybe I'd care if somebody was putting $14 mil in my pocket.

I just hope the kids don't end up looking know two good looking people cancel each other out.


Anonymous said...

I too have been looking for THE magazine and can't my hands on one. Will try again tomorrow when I'm back amongst civilization after working in suburbia for the past 2 days.