Monday, October 06, 2008

Rocking Out with... Pong?

While I'm still in a bad mood (though I sense that the end of my funk is nigh), I can't help but get a little bit excited over the fact that I just bought tickets to Video Games Live. Have you heard about this show?

Basically, it's a crazy on-stage extravaganza based on the theme music behind the world's most popular video games. In other words, it's Nerd Fest 2008. I'm already feeling anxious about the need to buy an over-the-top-awesome message tee in order to fit in (some great ones are on display in the video below).

This is a "trailer" for the show, so to speak, though you don't actually see much of what happens in the performance until the three-minute twenty-second mark. Yes, it's a little cheesy, but I really wasn't expecting anything less...

I can't wait! Although I'm sure I will feel old because I won't recognize 85% of the game music, I am also sure that the show will still rock. If you want to check it out, too... here are the remaining 2008 tour dates and some 2009 dates as well (it's going international next year...).

I'm already wondering... what will be more entertaining? The show... or the crowd?

- e

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE pong! grew up in the 70's and that's all we played. i just played it recently on I guess they're doing a show set in the 70's (life on mars). check it out!