Thursday, October 09, 2008

Angelina and I are SO Alike!

I've been pretty stressed out lately (hence the sporadic posting over the past few days -- although I am not complaining... it's a good thing to be busy with writing projects!), and whenever I go through a period of time like this, I unfortunately start eating like crap. I just shove down whatever is close at hand and quick to prepare in order to spend as little time as possible eating. I stop going to the gym, don't see the light of day, and spiral into a funk until my head is above water again.

However, earlier this afternoon, I received my daily celebrity gossip email update from US Weekly, and I couldn't help but feel better about letting myself go. You see, Angelina Jolie and I have something in common. No, I don't have six (much less any) kids, or millions in the bank, or a position with the UN, or a movie coming out, nor am I drop-dead gorgeous. But... I like Hot Pockets. As does Angelina. And somehow, that fact makes everything right with the world.

If you want to get really technical about it, I actually have sworn off Hot Pockets in favor of Lean Pockets... you know, because they're SO much healthier. I can't believe no one has alerted Ms. Jolie to their existence.

Anyway, on this same topic, despite the fact that I was so strangely moved by the knowledge that I share a passion for microwavable junk food with one of my favorite celebrities, it doesn't make it any less ridiculous that US Weekly sent out an email with the subject line: "Angelina Jolie Couldn't Stop Eating Hot Pockets, Ice Cream After Twins' Birth." Slow news day, folks?

For those of you concerned about my health, please know that as I type this, I am finishing up a very nutritious Moroccan dish and am about to head out for a long walk with my dog on a beautifully sunny day here in Chicago. As the Beatles would say, things are "getting better all the time," and I will soon have my schedule under control. (Though I did just order two boxes of Lean Pockets for tomorrow's Peapod order... baby steps! I'm still off of the Magic Shell, at least!)

- e


rich said...

hey e..... you're right on the money with the hot pocket... so tasty..... I'm sure you've seen it but just in case you haven't, you need to check out Jim Gaffigan's routine... Caliente pocket!

Anonymous said...

Okay, girl....fess up ! What's with all this stress stuff lately ? How about the economy, the election, the stock market crash, to name a few stress points.....are you feeling it like the rest of us ?

Auntie MA

Lockman said...

I love me some Hot Pockets and Jim Gaffigan's bit makes me like them even more...."Hot Pockets" "Dead Pockets" I have given up on them lately but its tough to not drool walking by them at the grocery store...that and Ramen Noodles was college for me...used to buy out the little college store of them with my Bobcat bucks...little did mom know her money she through on my card for important things went straight to splurging on Hot Pockets!!!