Friday, January 09, 2015

The Importance of Having Plans

Have you heard? It's cold as hell here in Chicago. Subzero windchills, blowing snow, frigid air, falling ice, the works.

So I am taking advantage of one of the best things about working from home, which is that you don't have to ever actually leave your home—and I haven't now for four days and counting. The other great thing is that I can shine my SAD lamp onto my face for hours per day and not get the stink-eye from any co-workers. It really is a miracle-worker in terms of my mood. I just sent one to my mom (in also-not-warm-and-sunny Michigan) yesterday as a show of solidarity against Mother Nature.

Another thing that has always helped me get through the winter, or really any tough period, is having something to look forward to in the future. I have a wonderful life and wouldn't change my day-to-day routine for the world, but it's still nice to shake things up every once in a while. My husband has four upcoming work trips to various balmy destinations, as well as a guys' ski weekend in Jackson Hole. All that made me feel like I, too, needed something BIG to get excited about.

Dharma Motor Pool forever!
That something materialized last night. I got a text from my friend Jo, who had been my "virtual friend" and fellow blogger for a few years while LOST was on until we finally became friends "in real life" during the series' final season premiere party in Oahu almost exactly five years ago. We got to hang out this past September on The Island once again for the LOST 2014 fan reunion event, which I will eventually write a dedicated post about over on Long Live Locke.

Anywho, Jo's text alerted me to the fact that Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet from LOST (and most recently The Snow Queen from Once Upon a Time) was going to be at Walker Stalker Con Chicago in late February. Liz is Jo's favoritest celebrity just like Terry O'Quinn (Locke) is my favoritest celebrity, so Jo was wondering if I was going to be in town that weekend.

As it turned out, I had already booked tickets months ago. I'd attended WSCon - Chicago last year for just a few hours one day and loved it. In 2015 they've doubled their space, moved downtown, and have an even more incredible lineup. My husband's ski trip was that same weekend, so I'd already secured my parents to watch Des while I went to hang with zombies at Navy Pier. And now Jo might come in for the occasion?!? I felt myself start to lift out of my Subzero Windchill, Been In The Same Pajamas All Week Funk.

Get ready, cause here we come
After a flurry of texts and Jo checking flights, everything was settled in less than an hour. I couldn't believe it. She got a crazy-good deal on airfare and would have three full days here, including Sunday night—the Oscars! So on top of getting to meet a ton of our favorite actors and actresses, hanging with fellow mega-nerds, hitting as many foodie restaurants as we can, getting to introduce her to my husband, Desmond, my doggy and my parents (who've been hearing about her for seven years), I will also now be able to witness her "live-snarking" the Oscars—one of her favorite things to do on Twitter each year.

As the infomercials say, AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Jo's Cancer Gets LOST co-founder Jay, whom I met at WS Con 2014 but didn't get to spend any quality time with, is also going to be working at the event again this year. Now I'll get the chance to hang out with him properly. There are rumbling that some of our other friends from the LOST fandom universe might be making it out to The Windy City as well. I hate this word, but I feel like this is honestly one of those situations that warrants its use: "Squee!"

I woke up this morning much more ready to face the world than I had been the rest of the week. Sure, I'd been looking to WS Con already, but now I had an extended weekend with one of my best buds—right in the depths of winter—that I knew would be a blast. It's amazing the difference it's already made in my outlook.

And so I've learned something else about myself. Something I already knew, but in more of a subconscious way. I NEED TO HAVE FUN PLANS to look forward to. Especially in the winter. That client email I got two minutes before I went to bed last night totally reaming me out for something that wasn't my fault? I CAN DEAL WITH IT. The fact that my heating bill is likely to be $600 this month? C'EST LA VIE. The reality that there's no real end in sight for this arctic blast? BRING IT. In just six weeks, I'm going to be having the time of my life with "my people," and I'm going to survive until then.

- e

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