Friday, January 16, 2015

The Promise of the Weekend

I love how he has his seat belt on. Happy, but still sensible, pig!
Ah, Friday.

Friday has always been one of my two favorite days of the week (the other being Sunday, and that's really only because all of the best TV shows seem to fall on Sundays). When I worked for The Man, Friday was the day things were winding down, no one wanted to stay past 5, and everyone got a break from each other for two full days.

But since I started freelancing in 2007, Friday no longer equates to "winding down." I do some sort of client work every day of the week, and since I'm always at home there's not really a "break" in the physical sense of being away from your office.

But there's still more family time to look forward to, as well as the potential to get some bigger "life projects" checked off. Every Friday I make a mental list of everything I'm going to accomplish. And every week I have ridiculously high hopes of superhuman productivity. I'm going to go to the gym on both Saturday and Sunday while my husband takes Desmond to swimming and soccer. I'm going to catch up on film reviews I meant to write. I'm going to catch up on films I meant to watch. I'm going to update my nerdy spreadsheet. I'm going to finally clean out the bathroom cabinets. I'm going to organize my bedroom closet. I'm going to watch some shows that are hogging up space on our DVR. I'm going to start that new book. I'm going to...

Guess what? Aside from getting to the gym, I almost never accomplish anything significant on the weekends. I don't know where the time goes, but it goes. And then it's 8 p.m. on Sunday night and I have the choice to either feel depressed about it... or promise myself that I'll just get everything done next weekend. For sure.

May your weekend be more productive than mine,
- e

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