Monday, May 12, 2008

e's Favorite Things: VH1

As you know, I've been complaining about the lack of good stuff on TV for quite some time now. But there is one channel that never lets me down... and that's VH1.

The funny thing is, back in 1985 when VH-1: Video Hits One (as it used to be known) went on the air, I remember thinking that it was "the MTV for old people." I didn't watch it much back then... but now, I love it. So either I've gotten older (which I refuse to believe), or VH1 has gotten a lot cooler. OK, so maybe it's a little bit of both, but unlike its sister channel MTV, VH1 at least still plays music videos. You know, the reason d'être for both stations back in the day. Granted, you can't find videos during prime time, but they're still around if you look for them (especially during the "getting ready in the morning" hours).

Also, when VH1 does play TV shows instead of videos, I usually don't change the channel. With the exception of Flavor of Love and anything having to do with Scott Baio, I am a big fan of most programming on VH1--from Rock of Love to I Love the 80s to Best Week Ever (my all-time favorite) to Bands Reunited to Behind the Music to any of the "The Greatest..." or "All Access" episodes. What other channel can you name where you like almost everything they air? Nothing tops VH1 on my list. (And you can still catch one of my other favorites, Pop-Up Video, on VH1 Classic.)

Sometimes they branch out into more serious subjects... like in their "Rock Docs." I watched one of them on DVD without even knowing it was produced by VH1: I Trust You to Kill Me. It's a documentary on the band Rocco Deluca & The Burden (you may know their song "Colorful"). I loved it... and it's a must-see for any 24 fans out there who are desperate for a Kiefer fix (he was their random promoter and is hilarious in the film).

The next "Rock Doc" actually airs tonight... the first of a four-part series called "Sex: The Revolution." I've seen some clips, and while they're all a little risqué, I definitely intend to tune in, or at the very least Tivo the four installments and watch them after all of my regular shows go off the air within the next week or two.

I'm so glad I don't pay extra for HBO (especially now that Sex & the City and Six Feet Under are over), VH1 is obviously where it's at!

Gotta go... Awesomely Ridiculous Celeb Moments is on...

- e


Anonymous said...

Rock of Love is one of the most entertaining shows on TV. Brett Michaels is so nonchalant about it all, takes it so seriously, that it makes the absurdity of it all that much funnier. The basket cases all searching for a permanent groupie status with a hair-extension-ed (from a hair band....dare I say 'irony'), out of shape, chopper riding renaissance man looking for relevancy. It’s almost like a great novel.

Anonymous said...

Hi e,

A bit unrelated (but not really). Have you ever seen The Prisoner series with Patrick McGoohan ? I would think if you like some of the mysterious ways of Lost - then you would enjoy The Prisoner. Quite a different type of series (it was only meant for a finite number of episodes and has a definite ending). It made you think - it was really great. Just curious if you had ever seen it - and what you thought of it.

The Other E