Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The last of the Federline offspring? Let's hope so.

Britney had her second baby, another boy. Via "scheduled cesarean." Because you know, you've got to schedule your hair cuts, your massages, your vacations, your manicures and pedicures... and of course, your C-sections.

Let's hope it's her last child - I think 4 kids is enough for Kevin to handle right now, since he basically has no job and is a pot-smoking loser. And Britney gave birth to two children with only a year in between (Sean Preston was born on 9/14/05).

As the good people at E! Online so eloquently pointed out:

"An even more prolific procreator than Spears, Federline is now officially the father of four, including two from a previous relationship with former Moesha actress Shar Jackson.
On average, the 28-year-old Federline has fathered a baby every seven years. If one throws out his presumed prepuberty years, the aspiring rapper and penny proponent has averaged, from age 13 on, one child tax credit every 3.75 years."

Somebody STOP them!

- e

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