Monday, September 25, 2006

A look back

Last week, The Dreaded Day came. For those of you not in living in a warm climate, you know what That Day is. It is The Day You Have to Turn on The Heat for the First Time in the Fall.

I guess I was fortunate this time around because it wasn't really that cold (I am just wimpy), and I have since turned the furnace off again, but still... that day was a rude reminder that you can no longer count on not needing a coat when you leave for work in the morning. It means: the summer is over and fall has arrived. I should've realized that anyway, but since none of my favorite shows have really started back up yet except The Office, it just hadn't hit me.

So I feel that it is time to take a look back at some of the people who provided news and entertainment for us over the summer and get the latest on them.

Is it just me or is he NOT cute?- Lindsay Lohan: When I last wrote about Lindsay, she had just started dating restaurant heir Harry Morton. Just this past week came reports that they had dramatically broken up (and after that came reports that they have since reunited (I'm sure just as dramatically)). Lindsay also lost luggage with millions of dollars of stuff in it and then found it, broke her wrist, performed a bizarre kick dance alone in a parking lot, and in my opinion (fueled by the bizarre kick dance), continues to be on drugs.

Dumb and Dumber.

- Paris Hilton: She ended up getting arrested and charged with a DUI shortly after my post dedicated to her. On top of that, she now has claimed "I'm not like that smart" and also made out with recently separated and totally nasty fugly Travis Barker (proving her statement covered earlier in this sentence). And then on top of all that, she may be faux-reuniting with Nicole Richie.

- Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson: At the time of my post about Kate Hudson's separation from Chris Robinson, her fling with Owen Wilson was all speculation. Now it appears that they are indeed an item - recently vacationing together in Hawaii. It also appears that she has six toes!?! OK, fine... she doesn't, but it really did look like it. I can't believe I'm writing about this.

- Kevin Federline: He has fathered yet another child with the arrival of Sutton Pierce, and has also decided to cut 'Papazao' from his CD and spare himself even more ridicule. Oh wait, he's going to guest star on CSI, so the ridicule will be back in full force after that airs.

Beefy and Wannabe attempt to make themselves relevant.- Jessica Simpson: Literally ONE DAY after reports that Jessica was "in love" with John Mayer surfaced, he high-tailed it out of the relationship (if there ever was one). If JOHN MAYER dumps you, then you are a LOSER! Because he uses lip plumper!?!?! What is this world coming to?!?!? But rest assured that Jessica's daddy was there to dry (and take pictures of) her tears, as he has now made an arrangement to be the main photographer (aka paparazzo) of his own daughters. And as if all of that wasn't ridiculous enough, we then had to witness Jessica's horrible outfit and awkward award introduction at the recent Video Music Awards. Can she please just disappear already? In related news, her ex Nick Lachey and Vanessa "I'm milking this for all it's worth" Minnillo are apparently ready to get married after knowing each other for a mere few weeks.

I'm sure the fall will bring even more drama...

- e

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