Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AWFUL trend: High-waisted pants

Look what my grandma left me in her will!John Mayer will never come back to her if she's wearing those!

A month or so ago, I saw this picture of Jessica Simpson in extremely high-waisted pants. I thought it was horrifying, and agreed with the accompanying article that stated that she really needed a new stylist. I didn't think about it again.

Then... a few weeks later a picture of Mischa Barton, known for her fashion sense, starts circulating - and she was in extremely high-waisted jeans. A few days later she was snapped in high-rise shorts.

I must shield my eyes!!!Now you can see people sporting this trend all over the place, but the results haven't gotten any less hideous. The current issue of Fortune magazine, which highlights Generation Y in the workplace, features a 20-something girl wearing *that* type of pant. I just don't get it. THEY DO NOT LOOK GOOD ON ANYONE!

Please, please, make this trend stop! I will take low-rise over high-rise anyday - but really, isn't there a happy medium we can find? Trends like this make me confident that the fashion industry is just a bunch of mean-spirited, shallow people snickering over what ridiculous fad they can come up that people actually go along with. I think it's all just a big inside joke!

A new generation of fashion faux pas


Anonymous said...

agreed! I will not buy into it either!

bethany said...

My Eyes....My Eyes.....🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s. Soooooooo Bad
Why, just why did all the fashion designers get together on this!!! It was horrible every time before, it’s NO different now!! Also they are so uncomfortable!! Especially to sit down in!