Monday, May 21, 2007

The Enchanted Highway

The man behind the magic.I don't claim to be a creative person, so perhaps I just can't imagine what it is like to get the urge to design the largest metal sculptures in the world. I mean, how does one come up with that idea, exactly? However, that is what Gary Greff decided to do back in the early 1990s.

I came to know of "The Enchanted Highway," as the completed project is called, during trips to see family in North Dakota. In the course of the last visit I made at the end of April, my husband and I decided to drive the entire thing. While there were very long stretches of road in between sculptures, I have to admit that pictures don't do the works justice - it was pretty cool to see these gigantic creations in the middle of nowhere. On our way back, I thought that it is random things like this that I love best about America - places like Wall Drug or "The World's Largest Ball of Yarn" or the Paul Bunyan statue.

What was neat about the Enchanted Highway, however, was that there was literally NO ONE around. It was very eerie to see the fields and plains just stretched out all around you, and these enormous figures rising up and dotting the landscape. We had ample time to take photos, a few of the best are below.


I don't think he's going to hop away any time soon...

REAL quails were flocking to these statues, no lie!

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Anonymous said... glad you have posted something nice about North Dakota, as too many writers make negative comments about this beautiful state. Also, I am now a regular on your site and am enjoying your blogs. Keep up the good work !