Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My American Idol Prediction: Jordin Sparks

I write this post on Tuesday night after having returned from a long walk along the lake with my doggy, but before watching American Idol on Tivo. Not that it really matters - I don't need to watch Jordin and Blake actually sing again to make my prediction that Jordin will win. Because as we've already learned, it's not about who sings the best.

Having said that, I'm glad that Melinda got the boot last week. I COULD NOT STAND her and her no-neck, faux-shocked expressions. Yes, she is an incredible singer, but she just didn't seem to connect with the audience or viewers at home, and she was definitely not "contemporary," as Simon always likes to say. If you're constantly being compared to Tina Turner, that should tell you something about the "wrong generation" vibe you're giving off!

My personal favorite was LaKisha, and not just because she hailed originally from Flint, Michigan (represent!). I just liked her personality and also of course her voice. But like Melinda, she didn't really have that connection to the audience.

While Blake, BY FAR, is the best entertainer, he will not win. Even though this decision is going to be made mostly by pre-teens and teenagers across the country, and even though the young girlies like him, they like Jordin, too. Blake is the only person in the competition this year who had a stage presence and could actually move naturally and be at ease in front of the crowd. He also was the most original, hands down.

But what is going to kill Blake is the frightening memories we all have of Jimmy Walker Blue.

Absolutely inexcusable!

Plus the fact that he looks like a 5-year-old choir boy when his mouth makes an elongated "O" when he hits high notes. And have you noticed that he has NO LIPS? It's really bizarre.

So there's my take. I've never watched American Idol before this season. I got sucked into it this time around when Tivo "recommended" the audition shows early on. Those were definitely hilarious and worth watching, so I'll probably watch those early episodes again next season. But overall, the "Rock Star" series was way better than American Idol. If they could get Simon to judge "Rock Star," then they'd have the best of both worlds.

Oh, and Paula just broke her nose!

- e

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