Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vegas, here I come!

May the luck of my Grandma be with me!

I will be in Vegas until further notice (OK... I'll be back early next week), so wish me luck in somehow stretching the $20 I will allow myself to gamble (in $.25 slot machines only) across multiple days!

I should have lots of interesting things to share upon my return as I will be dining at Tao (but since Paris is in jail, my hopes of spotting her there have been dashed) and seeing a few shows ("Love" and "La Reve") that I know will be excellent.

So unless I keel over from the forecasted 106 degree weather, I'll be back posting again early next week to tell of my adventures.

Until then,

- e


Anonymous said...

No post yet ...

Maybe she WON !!!

TAke Care

Thierry@PAris (France not Hilton)

Anonymous said...

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