Friday, June 20, 2008

e's Favorite Things: Scrub Your Pup

Before our horrendous master bathroom was redone (it used to have a huge white jacuzzi, all-white tiled floors, crappy white counters and mirrors on every wall...), it served as our dog's bath area. We would get him into the jacuzzi and hose him down and be done with it.

But once the jacuzzi was hauled away and a shower was built in its place, we had to come up with another solution for bath-time. Enter the ingenious store, Scrub Your Pup. For $18, you get shampoo, conditioner, tons of towels, every grooming tool known to man, ear cleaner--you name it--anything you would need to get your dog in tip-top shape. The "scrubbing" is done in a huge bin that has a walk-up ramp (which apparently is the hardest part to deal with for most dogs, but ours walks right up it like he's working the red carpet--looking around to see who's watching him), and there are water hoses with adjustable temperatures to spray your pet down. There are even harnesses to secure Fido from jumping out and aprons to keep yourself from getting splashed.

The only complaint I have is that after the bath is done, there aren't actual dryers to use... there are just "air-blowers"--which look like huge vacuum hoses that just shoot water off of your dog by way of puffs of cold air. For a dog as big as mine, it therefore takes A LOT of towels and a lot of time to get him completely dry. In the summer it's fine, but in the winter... not so much.

As you can tell from the pictures, this is where I spent part of my afternoon today. Now my doggy looks and feels like a king (and acts like one, too)!

- e


Anonymous said...


Sweet. Productive and fun. Lucky for you your pride and joy has relatively short hair. Ours is a mix of chow chow and akita. Think of a cross between a male lion and a grizzly bear. Lucky for us winter on the coast of california isn't exactly a real winter.

The Other E

Craig said...

Oh, he is so cute and waiting so patiently for his bath. Of course, I suppose being harnessed in might help with that a little.

Our dogs are big, too. Add to that that one is a German Shepherd mix and the other is a Husky mix and we can never get them dry when they bathe.

Anonymous said...

A long time ago, I told my husband that I thought a great business idea would be to have a mobile dogwash!Like a big Winnebago tricked out like this place you mentioned. See, wouldn't it be 3even better if the dogwash came to you. (Especially with gas at $4 a gallon!) Of course I also told him the the thing of the future would be doctors that make house calls, like the old days!

Anonymous said...

Oh so good to see my friend S-man getting a bath. It must be good to be the "king!"