Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Guy is My Hero

I'm sure many of you have already seen the insanely popular 2005 and 2006 YouTube videos entitled "Where the Hell is Matt?" If not, I've included them below for your viewing pleasure (and they're worth watching again if you haven't seen them in awhile, if I do say so myself).

Anyway, this guy traveled all around the world in 2003 and 2004, filming himself doing this crazy jig. After uploading the video in 2005 and achieving online fame, Stride Gum contacted him and offered to sponsor another trip and another video-making effort. Hence, the 2006 "sequel" was born.

I was just clued in to the fact that he has done it a third time and uploaded another installment a few days ago. This time, he wrote to the several people who e-mailed him from various countries and invited them to dance with him. The final video below is the result.

2005 Video

2006 Video

... And the brand-new 2008 Video! (If you want to see any of the videos in higher quality, which I highly recommend (especially for this last one), go here instead.)

I gotta admit, I cannot watch those montages without tearing up. I can only guess that it's because they prove that people are goofy all over the world, and that everyone appreciates the opportunity to do a rockin' jig.

If you want to read more about Matt's incredible journey, go to his web site and click on one of the links at the top, like "FAQ" or "About Matt."

I hope the videos were as inspirational for you as they are for me! And I'm glad to see that he got to Chicago this time around, too. The Bean represents!

- e


Anonymous said...

Well, his dancing skillz have improved!

2006 is my favorite...I have a soft spot for Sossusvlei Namibia ;)

Jenni said...

I must have been living under a rock to have not seen these before, but thanks for cluing those of us in who missed it the first two times around. How amazing an experience!

Anonymous said...

I also became teary eyed during the latest video. It's so great :)

Mair said...

ditto on the above - had never seen nor heard about these vids before...and, yeah, teary-eyed for sure. What a beautiful world we live in - and yeah, we are all goofy - makes that "It's a small world after all" ring so true...

Thanks e!

Zach Dionne said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this, E, it is totally inspirational - and dangerous for people who love to travel :) I'm adding Salar de Uyuni to my list now that I've learned about it! Wowza!

I hope I can introduce a lot of people to these videos, too. I'm excited to paw through his site :)