Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shame on Shia

First off, you know I only post on weekends if something really, really gets to me and I simply cannot wait until Monday to comment on it. And that is what has happened on this otherwise brilliant Chicago summer day.

The motivation for this post is my need to vent and mourn over the fact that I'm going to have to find some other twenty-something to replace Shia LaBeouf on my Inappropriate Celebrity Obsessions list. Apparently he was out driving in L.A. at 3 AM this morning, crashed and flipped his car (!) after making a left-hand turn. He was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Some chick was in the car with him, but so far she hasn't been identified.

I tried to forget his lame Walgreens arrest. I even tried to overlook the fact that he smokes, which is typically a deal-breaker in my book. But I can no longer continue to be in denial that Shia is a bad, bad boy. A DUI is a ticket off of the Inappropriate Celebrity Obsessions list.

He better not end up like freakin' Corey Haim or I am going to be seriously depressed.

Let's hope he gets his act together. And let's hope the rest of my Sunday can be salvaged as I search for other decade-younger-than-me actors to take my mind off of Shia.

- e


Anonymous said...

check out the cast of twilight... hotttt :)

josephine siu said...

ohhh me too ): I had such high hopes for Shia! I hope he gets his act together too..

Zach Dionne said...

I love how he's commented on trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan and, from I gathered, asserted that he's nothing like that and that we don't need to worry about him ending up like that. Grrreat. Is it required that you drink, drive, and crash/get caught to be famous now?

Nicole said...

What irks me is that many people are excusing this behavior. "Everyone makes mistakes", "He's young and deserves some fun".

Sure, and if he keeps these shenanigans up, he's going to have earned himself a place on the "Whatever happened to" list.

Erika (aka "e") said...

That... or, he's going to kill someone. It's one thing for these idiot celebs to get trashed at a bar and then have their "handlers" take care of them, but to then also get behind the wheel because you think you're invincible is another level of narcissism. I hope his arrest, surgery and subsequent delay of filming Transformers 2 is the wake-up call he obviously needs.

- e

Anonymous said...

You should be happy to know... I just read that the LAPD cleared him of the accident. The other driver ran the red light. Long live May-December crushes! :~)