Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best of Fall, All in One Weekend

I packed a lot into my Michigan trip this past weekend: 16 hours of of bus/car travel, multiple assaults by the cutest kitties in the world, a trip to an apple orchard -- complete with a ride in a magical pumpkin coach, a pontoon boat cruise around several gorgeous lakes, a few movies, and a few more glasses of wine. I even finally caught up on all of my Us Weekly magazines, phew!

The long weekend started at my friend Nerdy P's, where her two young cats, Buzzy and Daisy (named by her four-year-old son), just couldn't get enough of my attention. Aren't they awesome?

Above is Daisy... notice the super-cool Pirate Island behind her that Crazy Auntie e (that's me) bought!

Below is Buzzy, who can leap through the air and cling on to your leg before you know what hit you.

Friday, we drove to Nerdy P's parents' place. They live in a gorgeous area, and we got to take it all in as we set out on their pontoon for an hour or so. The pictures below really can't capture the crazy colors of the leaves. Some of the trees looked neon red -- it was beautiful. Though there are many trees along the lake here in Chicago, it's just not quite the same as how they're packed in everywhere in central Michigan.

This trip also confirmed my lifelong goal to have a place on the water one day.

Saturday brought us to an apple orchard. I was so excited because I love love LOVE donuts and cider (forget the apples!) and I didn't think I would get a chance to have any this year. I inhaled three donuts as soon as we got there and then secured myself a big cup of hot apple cider. Content!

The orchard was actually more of a fairground and had a ton of activities for children and adults alike.

I was mad that the cut-out thingy above didn't have a thicker base for the tree - it totally ruined the illusion that Nerdy P and I were really in the branches! Yes, this kind of stuff makes me mad.

Below, I am milking a cut-out of a cow. Now THAT was more realistic because some sort of liquid actually came out of the fake utters! Or maybe that's just gross, I'm not sure.

But the highlight of the day was getting to ride on the pumpkin train. This thing was pretty elaborate!

You are jealous, aren't you?

It was a great weekend and I was thankful to get some time to just rest, think, and relax -- that doesn't happen too often. And I did finally finish "The Host," so expect my write-up on that one tomorrow...

- e


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you are as obsessed with cider and donuts as I am. We found a great apple orchard in WI a mere hour and 15 minutes away! We'll have to go check it out next year. Still nothing beats the cider & donuts at Goodison Cider Mill in RH - which you could have had if I'd known you liked them so much. My parents brought some of each when they were here for A's bday party last month. It's the price of admission to see the grandkids...

Spenzer said...

Well it sure looks like you had fun, hope you got some rest. I actually threw my back out yesterday, which I thought was funny since you were just talking about that ... now I'm totally dizzy from my painkillers, yay. No ride on the pumpkin train for me!

drew said...

Thats funny you mention the apples, e. My wife and nieces went to pick apples the other day, and brought home donuts and cider, and I, too, was very pleased to eat 2 and drink half the cider as soon as I got home. Thats some good stuff there.

Anonymous said...

WOW... that looked like fun!

I'm sort of de-lurking... Nobody's really updated any LOST stuff for so long, I stopped checking blogs, but then remembered you have your own blog too. So THANK YOU for giving me little LOST tidbits to tide me over. You're the best e!

Lars-Erik said...

Those autumn color shots are amazing! Well... kinda random comment from me, huh?